Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Window...

To Blog or not to blog, the question day after day.  I still do it, and I have a feeling leaves a person with more questions than answers.  It is a window of  my life that perhaps is a mirror for your own lives. 

Yesterday started off fine.  Lisa was under strict orders to just have a nice lazy day to herself.  She has been running around doing things for just about everyone.  Lisa likes time to lay down and read.  I was supposed to go out for MNF.  I took a day off, and those plans fell through.  I was thinking on Monday going out to a bar at 8:00 at night was about the last thing I wanted to do.  Going out on a Sunday at 1:00 or 4:00 is probably more my speed. 

Luckily those plans fell through, so I went out and picked up stuff to make Fajitas  , and grabbed a little wine.  I figured Lisa would be relaxing, and we'd just do our Monday thing.  Well relaxing no.  Lisa just got back from doing something or another, and was on her way out to do some more something or another.  She got home just when I was going to start dinner.  I watched a dumb, but funny movie.  Napoleon DynamiteLisa got home, and I was supposed to turn down the music, and she was in a bad mood, and she needed to relax.  She was quick to anger, and I was too, because she was supposed to have a day to herself.  She is in a shitty mood, so I am in a shitty mood, and FUCK THAT!!

So I got pissed.  I vented.  Why does she have to do everything for everyone.  Nobody fucking helps her out, everyone is like do this do this do this, and my ability to believe in the generosity of people is non-existent.  People are takers, and not givers, so screw 'em.  Those type of people should be ashamed of themselves.  Always do more harm than good. 

After about I made dinner we watched DDD on the Food station, and I apologized, and it was fine.  

That was a window into my day, and that is why I was pissed off.  Also why I don't like people sometimes. 


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