Monday, January 10, 2011

A Pretty Good Weekend For Me!!

It was a fun weekend.  I got some good workouts in, and hung out, and had a good time.  Yesterday I biked to work and back, which is pretty freaking hard.  Kinda like Audrey's crazy race I'd say.  Snowshoe racing lol.   :)  I am hoping she takes up unicycle racing.  She'd be a natural.  :)

So anyway, I did that, and worked yesterday.  I got home just in time to dry off my gloves, eat a small piece of pizza, and get ready to run.  I am not sure what the plan was for everyone.  It was Jim, Jerry, Jeff (MWMFN), and I .  The last name of Jim is Stark.  I think I know me some Starks from somewhere so that is cool.  :)  I know Jeff, didn't run the day before, so I figured 10 was in the mix.  Jim did 7 the day before, and Jerry and I did 10.  I would have done 10, but as we were approaching the 8 mile turn around I was falling back.  Legs tired??  probably.  I headed back after 8 miles, and Jim and Jeff went on another mile to the 10 mile turn around.  We were running in snow, I didn't use yak trax.  Mizuno's are the absolute worst snow running shoe.  It clogs up, so we were constantly kicking the snow out of our bottom.  We ended up the 8 miles just under 10:00 pace.  It felt harder than that.  I never thought I'd see 10:00 pace, but that winter shit takes it out of us I guess.  I guess I get a better gauge for my speed on the snow melt.  Clean surface.  I'll have to get a pair of Asics too I think.  Better for running in the snow. 

So let's see what else is up.  Well one of the girls I have a crush on Doreen, I became friends with her sister.  :)  YAYYYYYYY!!!   :)   I was just hoping Doreen was doing o.k., and I told her she was one of my favs.  She is one of her sis's favs too, so now we are friends.  :)  I am even talking about it in my blog.  :)  lol.  

Other than that not much going on I don't think.  Tonight is date night with @ Lisa.  Not sure what I am going to make.  We'll just stop at the store after work, and see if something looks good.  I am thinking Chicken Cacciatore.  I think that is how you spell it.  We'll see.  Probably that.  I will let you know tomorrow.  :)

I  will give you a post from Gina, that is great.  She said, 

So God-I was wondering.. Can I trade in my decision maker? I think the one u gave me was faulty. Thank you. Xos
Haven't we all been there??  It is kinda human nature to fly by the seat of the pants huh??  Get caught up in the moment and go.  Imperfect information leads to bad decisions.  Emotions we don't have control over.  Things that make us angry.  How about relationships.  How hard are those to gauge??  You are head over heels for like 6 months, maybe a year.  Walking on clouds, and then what??  You need to be good friends huh??  Someone takes the clouds away, and real life begins.  Guys we give so much attention at first, which is what the woman craves, and then other things become important??  Girls want to know their husband/boyfriend, but men typically keep to themselves.  It is hard to show who you are.  I mean I was even told once my blog was interesting, but if that person did it she would edit stuff differently.  I fly by the seat of the pants on this.  You get to know my thoughts, and all.  Everything, because that is who I am.  Why not right??  Who am I to impress??  We are human.  We really are not that impressive really.  I mean sometimes when we run we shit in the woods like a bear.  :)   lol
That is it for today!!!   :)
Thanks for reading!!!   :)
Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)
xo's!!!   :)
Love You All!!!   :)
p.s. thinking of doing just strength work today.  and dat is alle!!!  :)
Now for really really cya cya cya!!   :)

lOVe yOU aLL  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
xoxoxoxoxoxoxox  :)))  Even @WorkHouseJo  :)))   lol   one of my many crushes.  :))
hahahahahahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahahahahaha!!!!    xoxoxoxoxoxoxo   :)))

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