Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holy Crap I am TOTALLY GUILTY!!!

I am one of those people.  One of the bloggers I read was complaining about people saying "Two Thousand and Eleven" instead of "Twenty Eleven"  We don't say "One Thousand Nine Hundred and Three"  We say "Nineteen O Three"  Shit Shit Shit!!  I am one of those people.  No wonder I am such a slow runner.  I hafta change that shit pronto!!!  :)

Well, I got a run in yesterday.  UMMMMMMMM HOLY SLOW!!!   What the frick??  Now the first 4 miles were against a pretty stiff breeze.  The legs felt good, and the breathing was real good.  I mean I felt really good.  I decided to add a couple tempo miles to see where I stood.  I have not done any speed work since, well crap, I bet before the marathon.  The tempo miles were 8:20's, and the wind was at my back.  UGHHHHHHHH!!  What the frick is that??  Oh well, what can you do?  I have some work to do that is for sure.  I think speed work starts Wednesday so, we are back in training.  I don't think it will take too long to get up to speed... so to speak.  One thing I want to say about those tempo miles.  It felt good to blow out the pipes.  It felt good to go a little faster than talking pace.  I guess I am ready to get going. 

Well anyway I was up for a while already thinking of things.  Wondering what people's goals were.  Some I know.  Sub: 3 hour marathon,  3:20 marathon.  Some people will be doing another ironman, and some their first.  Some getting back in the gym.  :)  Some balancing school, and work, trying to do more than the previous year.  We all do a lot huh?  That is a life worth living.  No status quo right??  We don't just work to go home and watch tv the rest of the night do we??  TV ain't that freaking great.  I guess we have our mind on something.  A picture in time of something we want to accomplish.  As someone who runs, that is what gets me out in 20 degree weather running.  To improve.  I want to do more, not less.  I still take time out to do stuff I enjoy.  I like to chill and listen to music, have a beer or several.  :)  I still wake up early, and always have some kind of plan for a workout.  I don't always do everything I plan, as you all know.  :)  I am always working toward something though huh?  That is a life worth living.  Every day I wake up, and you know there is a picture in time of something I want to accomplish.  That is why we are active.  This shit is fun, and it makes us feel good.  It makes us feel we are doing something worthwhile. 

There is more to life though huh??  I mean look at my step mom Marilynn.  An active person who became a paraplegic in her late teens early 20's.  It slowed her down some, but she still was active.  Driving, shopping, beating the crap out of my two brothers.  She didn't beat the crap out of me, cause I was basically a saint.  ;)  My niece Marilynn who has all kinds of issues with Type 1 Diabetes, and other stuff.  The E.R. is her home away from home.  She still has a great sense of humor.  I can do what I do.  Others cannot. 

Speaking of, I picked up another blogger.  I always tell you about it here.  For whatever reason.  I read her before, and left for a bit.  That is another story.  It must seem weird when I leave.  I left before, because sometimes I feel so inferior.  I feel confident now, that maybe I do a service.  Maybe when people write I give them some feedback that helps them feel pretty o.k.  So anyway her name is Marit.  She just recovered earlier last year from life-threatening blood clots, and now is diagnosed with lupus.  Now that disease has varying degrees of severity, and I am not sure what hers is.  She is an iron-person.  :)  So she likes to train for hours on end.  I have a feeling she will not be able to do all she would like.  She is like a Marilynn Pejchl though.  She will do what she can.  She will do it with good humor, but some days she will dream of days gone by.  Maybe dream of what if.  I feel bad for her.  I guess with life though we accept the hand dealt us huh?  We all have limitations of some sort.  I hate to see people who don't try to be all they can be.  We all can do stuff, but some don't.  That is why I don't like Jackie, and why her family is so disappointed in her.  She didn't try to do stuff. 

Oh well I am going to stop there.  :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. The Big Ten sucks.  I did my push ups.  8.2 @ 9:03.  Cleaned up a bit around the house too.  :)


Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

You know what??? If you are ever out and about reading a blog.  Leave a Comment.  People like that shit.  You can make a joke, you can say whatever.  They are spilling their beans so to speak.  Show them you are watching.  No need to be shy.  :)  I do it all the time.  Some of these people don't even know me.  :)

Now for really really really cya cya cya cya.   :)   xoxoxoxoxoxo   :)

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Comment: you seem to think your readers cannot live without you. Ever ask them if they agree with your statements about their problems?