Monday, January 24, 2011

Explainin Some Things.

Now I guess I have written some things on here, and I see why this is so weirddddd!!  Is it scary??  I don't know.  Life many times is scary.  You know just pointing out our flaws is fricken scary.  Who wants to show people how unperfect we are?? 

Do you need to be a blogger??  No, but reading an open and honest blog helps other people be open and honest, and it actually ends up being a type of mirror for other people to view their lives, and unlayer themselves so to speak.  Either way it won't be easy.  Being honest, open, and truthful may be the hardest thing you do.  You will have help like I said.  Like me, it will just come to you.  :)

You will feel awkward probably like me.  You may be self-persecuted like I was every day, but the difference is, I will be here to say what you did was great.  What you did was right, and it is a great great thing you did.  I didn't have that, but I woke up every morning strong.  :)  The morning always came. 

So really you will be a mirror for others, and bring them along.  I will comment 100% of the time.  If there isn't much there, I may be a smart aleck.  I am a smart ass through and through.  Don't take anything personally, because I am a jokester.  Only things I don't take so well is dishonesty, and disrespect.  I have been through too much shit to be disrespected.  Stuff you don't even know.  For the real shit, I will be there to help you out. 

I didn't do all I planned on Sunday.  It said -9 degrees, so I said screw that.  I was going to bike long, but I realized after a sub par biking week, my legs didn't want to bike long.  I went an hour.  I plan on running to work today, and maybe finish my movie "Slingblade" I started watching.  That way I can get a little biking in too. 

No need to rush posts.  I am not changing my right hand side.  Once Olga blogs again, I will add her new blog to my list.  I am sure she will... sometime.  One other thing, I may comment in the afternoon, or early morning.  I comment when I read.  Sometimes I don't feel like reading in the afternoon.  It isn't a disrespect thing at all, it is just how I do it.  I am just trying to help you out with doubts and all that stuff.  Hope that helps. 

I had a couple good conversations yesterday.  One was with Doreen.  Funny her sis Jules asked if we were good friends in High School.  We weren't really, not even sure how well we knew each other, and now like with Gina we are pretty good friends.  Funny huh??  I want to give a big MWAH or MUAH to all of them.  Even Jules.  :)  lol. 

I had a pretty good conversation with @WorkHouseJo too.  Joanne one of my Welsh friends.  :)  She is funny, a good sense of humor.  From what I gather her hubby is too. 

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. I had a dream last night.  A scary one.  Do you remember the picture of the ugly lady in black and white.  She was like a witch, but if you look closely enough it was a picture of a pretty woman too?  It was a doll in my room talking saying she wanted to be a movie star.  An older one who I never heard.  Then the doll fell on me and Lisa.  Nice huh??  I wonder if dreams are the only way I can be scared now??   Gina and Paulette have a bit of a gift.  Gina sees spirits sometime.  I am not sure of Paulette's total gifts, but Gina says it is stronger.  Neat huh?? 

I think we all are like that.  We have the pretty side and the ugly side.  Know what is weird about it??  God likes it when we show our ugly side, he thinks that is showing our beauty, and we think just the opposite.  I watched Angels and Demons the other night.  Did you know Peter was crucified upside down???  Can you think of any worse persecution??  Me neither. 

Love you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

You all are the best!!!   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Wanna throw some extra of these for my Welsh friends.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)


Nancy said...

Interesting blog. Sure does make a person think about the attractive and not so attractive side that everyone has. We are just more prone to focus on the ugly because we feel that the ugly side is something that others should not see in us. If everything was just so pretty, it would be a really boring life.

Anonymous said...

God likes to see our ugly side?