Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Latest Text

When is the last time you were up trying to do your blog thing at 3:11 am, and you get non-stop texts from your bil?  Me?? this morning.  I am trying to ignore it.  The latest text was Wake up Fuckface.  :)  lol.  I am blogging dammit!!  So I am ignoring him for the time being.  We are 5 hour difference now, so it is 8:00 pm.  So much belligerence means the fucker probably surfed already, and is drinking wine, or beer.  Sounds like a fun day.  :)

So anyway yesterday was speed work day.  I have a few notes.  I need to really start logging my workouts.  I am behind.  :)  Anyway how our streets run, some of you know, we can do 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, 600M repeats, on our winter street.  Last Night we did 6-800 repeats.  Hard ups, recover downs for us May Marathoners.  8 hard downs recover ups for the Boston people.  I tell you what it was a hard work out.  Granted you are only doing 6 hard 800s, but they were hard.  My pace was pretty good.  7:30- 7:10, 7:10, 7:30, 7:40, 7:10.  Those were on hard ups, so my speed isn't too bad... for me.  My legs were not that great either.  I felt the 6 miler from the night before.  Jerry kicked my ass on 4-6.  He is freaking fast, or had a good night.  Jeff, (MWMFN) hung tough the last two to stay pretty close to me, so a good workout for all.  Ken did good too, and Nancy Best is back.  She is the one who ran the Illinois Marathon with me, and has been recovering from injuries since.  Nice to see her back.  I was way overdressed.  I thought it was supposed to be really cold.  I think it was like mid-20's with little wind.  I should have been wearing shorts, not two jackets, and two pants.  :)  Oh well.  :)

In news I like to post on my blog about people.  Doreen's dog is doing better.  It is a Pug, and I guess they have eye issues, so Doreen has been dealing with that stuff.  I love Doreen.  I think she is funny, and very real.  You know mad when she's mad, happy when she's happy.  She'd dish it out, and take whatever comes back her way.  I don't know her tons tons well, but from what I know she is great.  :)

The Starks on this side of the pond are all happy, because Kim, the oldest daughter, and her fiancee made the 8000 hour drive from Minneapolis to Zeeland to visit family.  Yayyyy!!  She seems to think that fun is going to be had.  Ummmmm, she had her fun.  She will be hanging out with her Dad.  I know her Dad.  The drive was the fun part.  :)

My cousin Melanie lost her brother this year.  She has been quiet on FB for a bit.  Who knows why, but obviously a lot to deal with.  She is going to get all Johnny Garcia and hang up some boxing bags to kick the shit out of.  Didn't get hung yesterday, but she worked out for like 2-1/2 hours yesterday.  Well, no one can keep up that pace... well us mortals can't.  Some of the nutty ones can, and do.  SHEESH!!  :)

Worried a bit about the O'Tooles.  Very quiet.  Olga hasn't been running as consistent as she'd like, and she is signed up for a marathon.  Nancy has been very quiet too.  Quiet worries me.  Makes me think something is up.  It is sometimes hard to communicate with me too, if you never met me.  Sometimes hard if you have too perhaps.  :)  Probably caused by this blog.  I have some thoughts about that too, but leave it to myself.

Gina has been very quiet too.  That means something.  She is dealing with whatever on her own, and maybe she should talk about it with me.  I am a good listener to the real stuff.  Don't do so good with the stupid shit.  :)  Just ask my wife.   :)   At least I think I am.

At any given moment you only get a glimpse of what I think about, and what is on my mind.  A lot passes through.  I try and give you as much as possible.  Why???   Cause I am the most interesting person in the world.  :)  Life is about real stuff.  No one is ever always "ON"  Somedays were off.  Whoever tries to pretend they are always "ON" is playing a game in which there are no winners.

This is going to be long.  I have a story.  A blogger I follow, and read, and comment on.  She doesn't know me at all.  Like most of them.  :)   I read her for a bit a while ago.  Over a year.  Back then I knew there was more to her than what she let on.  I knew it somehow.  She was not ready to deal with that shit back then, and I took her off my right hand side.  I have done that a lot.  A lot had to do with issues with me.  Me finding my place so to speak.  I had some things I had to overcome.  You don't know what, or maybe you do.  I have mentioned it before.  OMG my journey has been so long, and you don't even know all the stuff.  Like I said I leave some stuff between myself, and the author of this story.  Anyway, I am pretty sure I was right.  This person does have more stuff inside her.  Poor girl.  As funny, and outgoing, and fun as she is, she will learn it is o.k. to not be the life of the party all the time.  Everyone will still love you, even if sometimes you cannot be funny.  I know that is in her.  It lets itself out once in a while.  She must try to hide it though, but I saw a glimpse.  It is a lesson I had to learn in college.  I felt pressure to be the "life of the party".  It is o.k. to let your guard down.  It takes more strength and courage to do that shit, then to try and show you are all that to everyone all the time.  Trying to be all that all the time leads you to depression, and affects relationships.  Why????  Because it isn't real.  Real is all the shit we are.  Cannot fit anyone into a cookie cutter and mold them into a 24/7 person.  We are  not made like that, and that shit is fucking boring anyway.  Be who you are.  Everyone will love you more when you show ALL your color.  This is the shit that is going to be fun.  When everyone shows their colorful jacket.  You all got it.  Can't wait.  :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s.  That is why Doreen, and Nikki are so freaking great.  Guys tend to try and hide shit more.  That is why they aren't as good as women at this shit.  Guys will get it though.  Gotta knock the Spartan shit out of them.

Love you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

You all are the best.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

gonna add a few of these courtesy my Welsh friends xxxxxxxxxxxx

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!   :)

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