Sunday, January 9, 2011

It says 3 degrees on my computer. #YIKES!!! :)

Well yesterday was a full day, and I have a lot to get through.  First off Oscar is racing today, is Beth??  I don't remember.  I think Oscar writes the best race reports.  You know how those can be boring, but he is usually pretty good at it.  Not as good as me, but I win all my races.  :)

Well group running started yesterday, and we had a bunch of the crew back.  The "Fast" people, Little Cathy, Bob, Kristen, Charley, and a couple more of the fast people. I forget their names.  :)  I'll get them though.  The one guy is the one who got 8 laps on the 4th 12:00 before Bayshore.  He ran sub: 3:10.  Ganzi can never get a 8th lap on a 4th 12:00, but Ganzi broke 3 hours.  Marathons huh??  Cathy, and Kristen are doing Bayshore.  I think Kristen is a 3:07 marathoner, Cathy a 3:12???, and Bob a 3:09. Charley got 3:10 at Bayshore.  I saw these people at the beginning, and on their way back.  Amanda my kinda running partner was there with some new girls, and they went faster than us.  Jerry, and I went with Ken.  Ken is a multimarathoner.  We are the only two people at our store who have run multiple marathons.  Actually who have run any marathons.  He is training for the Cincy half.  He is 65 years old I think, and still getting it done.  Jerry, and I ended up going 9.92 miles @ 9:30 pace I think.  We weren't really pushing it, but it was hard running with snow, and cold temps, not to mention the HILLY route.  I had the frozen beard thing going on.  We are going out again today perhaps with Jim.  I am not ready for Jim to put the hurt on me.  :)  I think I'll let him go.  :)  I'll stay at my own pace.

So I came home, and did the tired thing I like to do.  I took a bit of a nap, and Lisa and I went to New Holland. I didn't see Katy working.  boooo.  I saw her on my way out though, YAYYYY.  I should introduce Lisa to her.  I tell her she is my girlfriend.  :)   Lisa is probably jealous. lol.  We saw Beau and Charity there with Beau's best friend Matt, and also a girl I work with.  Her name is Ashley.  Interesting story about her.  She is a hockey player.  I knew she was good, when I looked at her stats a year or so ago.  She scored a lot of goals.  I guess she is going to Turkey to play with the National team coming up.  Who knew??  I didn't know she was that good.  She is strong though, you can tell that.  She'd probably kick my ass.  :)  I don't really pay attention to women's Hockey, but pretty cool.   She only drank water too.  How is that for discipline?  :)

Other than that it was just a good fun day.  I am riding my bike to work today, and working a few hours.  That is why the title is what it is.  Not to mention we are running.  I learned a lot about my blog yesterday.  That's cool.  Also I chatted via Twitter with @WorkHouseJo.  I have a crush on her too. :)  Don't tell her, or my wife, or @jefStark.  I have a crush on @jefStarks daughters too.  Make sure you don't tell them that.  #SHEESH!!  As always all my crushes are harmless.  I just like cute and funny girls.  :)  Nothing wrong with that.  :)  Yeah Gina is always always my most important crush.  :)

That is it for today!!!  :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)   especially Kim Kim Kim   :)

p.s. I hate I forgot those people's names, but It is a long season.  Can't wait for Wednesday.  Actually running today, and Tuesday too.  Wednesday should be interesting following Tuesday.  Monday is Lisa and I's date night.  We make, probably I,   a good meal, and chill.  :)

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!  :)

ooops,  I only had partial info, I didn't know there was a killing spree, I just heard of the Congressperson getting shot.  I think being and staying closed makes people do bad and stupid stuff.  The killer, probably had issues.  He buried his issues, and it found it's way out in a BAD way.  We all have issues.  ALL.  We ALL have to look at them, and overcome them so to speak.  That is important.  That is what we are doing, while we live our lives, and train, and go to school, and do Yoga, and work, and everything.  Don't you think it is strange that women are better at this??  Men have pride???  Maybe that is it.  We all want to look fabulous, but fabulous is showing our less than perfect side.  Love lives in the light so to speak.

Now for really really really cya cya cya cya.  I hope @MellyStark isn't jealous of my crush on @WorkHouseJo.  :)

ooooppppsssss LoVe yOu aLL  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo.    :)

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