Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rubber Blades and Razor Bands...

Your Choice, it is buy one get one free day!!  :)

I was going to go somewhere with this entry, but decided against it.  SHEESH!!  Life sure can be scary at times huh.  I mean poor Anne Frank.  We have it pretty good.  I wish her life was better, because reading her, I liked her.  She was a pretty great person.  People should write more I think.  It is good for them.  maybe??  I think so. 

Man I laugh so hard sometimes throughout the day, because life is just zany.  I cried yesterday too.  I saw a monarch butterfly dying.  He was hanging on for dear life.  Holding onto this flower stem.  Using everything within his power to stay on.  A slight wind would make him struggle.  I knew his or her outcome.  He looked like a flag.  I cried, because it was sad seeing the poor butterfly suffer.  We'll all see some sad stuff, and I hope you won't be sad and cry, because I think I might.  Those who I get to know that is. 

I don't know I guess sometimes things can be sad.  The Joseph Heller days are pretty fun, but at times we see something that is sad. 

I don't really have much today to be honest.  :)

I guess that is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

p.s. running on the track tonight.  3-1200's @ full recovery.   :)

now for really really cya cya cya!!!  :)

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