Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Knew It!!

So last night was a surprise.  We did Yasso's.  You know one thing of Yasso.  I assume everyone knows that.  It is an idiom of sorts to runners right??  ;)  It is 800 repeats, where you try to hit your marathon time for those two laps.  You want to run 3:40 (Which I decided is my goal)  then on those two laps you have to hit 3:40.  It ends up being a tempo pace.  If my goal was a 3:30 marathon, then that would sure be a hard tempo, but 3:40 isn't that hard this time of year.  More of a 10K effort. 

The plan was 12 of them.  I didn't really hit it on my first 4.  I knew this was not an all out pace for me, so I was finding my pace.  3:43, 3:41, 3:48, 3:49.  I think it was like that.  Between zoning and stuff, I just didn't hit it on the first 4.  I took a Gatorade stop after 4.  The next 4 easy.  3:40,3:39, 3:40, 3:39.  I was totally in the Matrix zone.  I was confident I'd be able to hit the next 4, and probably blow out the 4th to perhaps a World Record.  :)  Alan said on 2nd thought stop at 8.  To be honest I wanted those last 4.  I knew I had them.  Alan knows what the heck he is doing though, and I always know sometimes less is more.  Also this Saturday he nixed the 20 miler.  He said only 15.  The hard stuff is over.  It seems sad to say.  I really do like the hard stuff.  At this point a 15 miler is an easy day.  Do I even have to nap after that??   :)

I am ready.  I feel good about my training.  Many days I crawled up to this blog knowing I didn't hit everything I wanted.  I kept battling though.  This was a hard summer of training.  Through it all though I did get my stuff in.  For my job you know I cannot get a zillion miles in each week, but all year long I try to get at least 100 each month.  The last two months were both over 150.  That is a lot for me.  I once ran 180 in a month, but didn't show up on race day...well I showed up, but didn't run.  So I did what I could, and feel good about my training.  I may end up with 3:35 too, who knows.  I feel confident in 3:40 though, so that is my time. 

As we approach this marathon, I cannot help but look past.  5K training starts up almost right away.  Wednesday is a recovery run, and probably go long on that Saturday.  12 miles btw.  Winter is great training for me too, because Jim and Jerry train in the winter.  A lot of times in the fall I am solo.  Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it is fun when Jim throws his little tempos in to leave us in the dust.  :)

So there you have it.  I train all year for this marathon, but right away I am thinking of my 5K after, and the training after.  This isn't a once and done type thing.  This is a lifestyle.  One I enjoy.  You know what else I think?  Since I won't be running 10's and 12s during the week, I can add more run days.  Tuesday nights downtown, I can probably run 5 times a week now.  I think my legs are getting used to this running thing. 

Well, I don't know, all this stuff sure is pretty exciting to me. 

That is it for today!!!  :)

Thanks for reading!!!  :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

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