Monday, September 13, 2010


I suck at blogging when I am tired I think.  I didn't sleep well on Sunday.  It is because I sleep in probably, and still wake up really early.  My eyes were open before 1:00 am, and I got out of bed after.

Corrections.. A list perhaps.  :)

  • What people do always amazes me.
  • Talented people who do well at races just doesn't surprise me
  • They do it all the time.   Work very hard at it too.  :)
  • Obviously that is not me.
  • I have fun, and improve a bit
  • To each their own I say
  • We all just do what we enjoy.
  • I dont know why I was so mad last week.
  • Not worried though, cause all will work out.
  • Lisa obviously knows I blog, I told her about the blog post, she already knew about the blog.
  • If I could be perfect I would be, but I have moments too.
  • Guess we all do.
  • It is life, we are not perfect, and none of us expect us all to be.  
  • So sorry if sometimes I am a jerk, but you know my story.  a lot of you anyway.
  • I'd give up my password to my reader if people would find it interesting to read my journey.
  • I think this blog is good enough though.
  • hmmmm... guess that is.
  • people are pretty amazing, everyone is different. 
  • sorry I am weird at times, but that is how I am.  :)

That is it again for today!!!  :)
Thinking of doubling up my runs- 2-6 mile runs, one today, and one tomorrow.  I am so tired.

Hope everyone is having a great and awesome day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

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