Friday, September 17, 2010

The Bloggers

I woke up early this morning, and decided to write about the bloggers I follow.  On my right hand side is the White Sox blog, but I don't have it in my reader anymore, because well, no need.  :)

For those who have read this, the journey, and/or even heimleblog you know the story, but there are different readers here, and I think it is interesting.  Each has a story.  Going to open up a new tab, so I remember who is on the right side.  It isn't all inclusive, because my list has been known to change.  Sometimes if the wind changes directions so do I.  Hey I isn't perfect.  I have insecurities plentiful.  Every day I feel not so awesome at times.

Just going by the list, it is currently on who posted the most recent.

Oscar Shutt.  He is the husband of Beth, and the first time I read his blog his Dad was giving up a kidney to a good friend from Church that day.  coincidence?? not to me.  I told Lisa, and we told some people from work, and I kept going back to see how it went.  Everything went great.  He is a baseball fan, big time.  I almost sent him a book "The Hidden Game of Baseball" which is the Granddad of all Sabermatrician books.  It is out of print, but I have a copy.  I never did,  good thing, he is too busy anyway.  :)  He is really fast, and this year he P.R.'d on a 5K.  I think he hit 17:00.  It was like a 1:00 pr.  I have been trying to knock off seconds off my 5K pr and he knocked off a minute.  Good winter training.  :)

Beth Shutt, I figured I started reading Feb. or March of 2009.  Maybe January.  What can I say, my improvements that the local people see in me all steer from her blog and a few others really.  That Sunday led me on a different path.  One where I work a bit harder.  Although it really isn't work if it is fun right?  I could go on about her, but she knows me well enough,  and she needs no props from me, because all know I think the world of her.  She is going to Kona this year to kick some butt.  :)  Madison next year.  with Barb.  Barb I will get to later.  :)

I'll do the sisters.  I think the sisters parents think it a bit odd a 44 year old reads 20 year old blogs, but it wasn't my intention.  My problem is I say I love you a lot.  :)  People don't get that.  My story with them is Gina pointed me to ... can't even remember the name.  The one who dislikes me more than the other.  :)  I read her first couple entries, and I was like hmmm.  Not really sure if it is my thing.  I followed it anyway, and I steered her toward Jen Gray, because I thought Jen Gray would be good for her to read.  I don't know if she did or not, but she really became a good blogger.  Her sister is too.  Her sister is a little more outgoing it seems.  She is funny, in a I dont know, you know how some people are funny, and they probably don't know it.  She works hard and is very good it seems at what she does, but also has things about herself that just drive her crazy.  :)  I don't know, cracks me up though.  I won't use their name, because they might not want me to, and they think I am a crazy 44 year old anyway.

The other is Maija's boyfriend.  I forget his name.  :)  Sweat Suffering Sacrifice dude.  He is a cyclist doing the semi-pro circuit.  It is a hard discipline.  Anyone who knows about cycling knows hours and hours and hours go into it.  Take a marathon training and multiply by 3, and that is probably the time that goes into the training.  YIKES!!  He has a really interesting outlook.  Always an interesting perspective.

Maija, I started following from Beth's blog.  She would post a lot before me, and I thought her name was cool.  Her blog is great, as she really is pretty honest in the thing.  She is really talented, but has to suffer through migraines a lot.  I think the first post I read she was talking about medications for her headaches and stuff.  I was hooked, because she just brought everything in the open.  I commented on her site, and felt like a fool at first, like I always do.  :)  I sometimes think people might think me a creeper, but really I love reading blogs, and reading about people and their lives.  :)

Hard Work Barb!!  :)

Wanna know what I found from Barb's blog??  My first comment ever.  Here it is.

Just wanted to drop you a line. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I was surfing on Sunday, and ran across it, and several other ones pertaining to running.
I wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. Your blog and a few others have inspired me to work a little harder, so that is good. It is also bad, because I have a marathon a week from Saturday. I should be tapering. I am just working harder on the bike and swim, and keeping the running miles down.
Anyway, I wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your blog, and you helped inspire me more.

So Barb is that goofy girl out in Colorado.  She is talented like all those other tri people I read.  Her and Beth are a lot alike.  If they could train for 24/7 they would.  Crazy girls.  She is going to be doing Ironman Madison.  That is good and bad.  Good, cause she is a natural IM'er.  Bad is she'll probably start blogging less now.  :)  Probably once every two weeks, and probably to the restaurant blog too.  Ha Ha!!  :)

Sugarleg is Leigh's friend.  Leigh gave me the link, and it is a good blog.  She is a lot like Maija, just throws her stuff out there.  I love that.  I see an honest blog, and I am all over it.  :)

Jen Gray, aww geez.  Do I even need to say anything about her.  She keeps me grounded.  When I want to tackle the world her blog just makes me smell the roses.  I met her at Steve R.'s thing, and she told me about her blog.  I went way back, and think I read most of it.  Maybe not all, but it is great.  She is great, and her blog is amazing, and she inspires a ton.  Remember I once said Enya is a gift from heaven, I think Jen Gray is too.  I could go on about her, but she knows how I feel about her.  :)

Leigh's blog.  I didn't know Leigh at all, but we kept posting on Tia's FB thing, and we naturally just became FB friends.  She is the wife of my H.S.-post H.S. friend Chris.  Chris and I had some crazy times, and Leigh and I hit it off.  She posted once about it not being easier the 2nd time around.  I wasn't sure what that meant, but knew she had a blog.  It is a sad story, but she is a strong lady, and another one of those honest blogs.  Poor girl.  She has a daughter Liliana who is a blessing though, so through all the bad, there always is good, and I think she sees that.

The last one is Amanda, Hailey's friend.  Does she even blog??   Ha Ha!!  She is my favorite friend of Hailey's, I also like Hailey's friend Kristy who sometimes stays here.  She does the dishes.  :)

So anyway, those are on my right hand side now.  I had a few more, but they didn't survive my outburst last week.  One of those things, where I don't always feel comfortable.  I don't always feel confident.  I am going to put Jen Harrison up again though. Oh geez, Jessica from my someday tri journal is off too.  SHEESH, I really went overboard.  I'll have to find her.

Wanna know something about me.  When I blew up a week ago, Gina kept saying stop it stop it.  People Love you.  I don't always feel that.  Sometimes I feel good, but sometimes I don't.  You should know that about me.  Other people I have read, I just feel they probably think me a goof.  These people I feel comfortable with now.  I will add Jen and Jessica again,  they may not read me, but I feel comfortable with them.

I hope this was fun to read.  I enjoyed writing it.

That is it for today!!  :)

Thanks for reading!!  :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

p.s. Becky of running blogs used to blog too, but she does not anymore.  I would read her again too.  I read her every day until she quit blogging. 

Now for real cya!!!  :)

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Beth said...

Funny how you get to different blogs and you end of following along for years!! Love it! :)