Thursday, October 17, 2013

Where Do We Go From Here??

Good Morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  I got a nice early 5 miler in already this morning.   I am slow.   It is a double up of 5 milers though so that is good.   Yesterday was like 10:teen'ish pace, and today was like 9:53.  Seems strange to think I used to run 8:30-8:40 as an easy pace a few years ago.  Oh well.  I do have to say I do like running early early morning.  It is peaceful.  

I have a plan too for my runs when I work.   I need to run after work.  Nothing huge, but maybe little 3 milers and such before I go to bed.   I know sometimes I will be too tired, but sometimes I am not.   I know well enough I won't get a ton of sleep in the morning, and I will not feel like running on like 3 hours of sleep.  I can do longer runs on days off. 

There is something about starting a day off with a run though isn't there??  Something magical about it huh??  I saw 3 deer a block from my house too.  That was pretty strange.   We don't see many deer in my neighborhood.   You see plenty of deer, just not next to all these houses.   That was pretty strange.   Pretty scary to see at 3:00 AM too. 

So where do we go from here??  Wanna know what I think??   I think we hit a dead end.   There is no turning back now.   You cannot go back to a time where you thought life was easier.   We are smack dab in the middle of life.  You need to move forward, but you cannot do it as you are.   You have gone as far as you can.   You have nothing else to show... as far as I can tell.   You have more to show, but it has to be shown to you, and you have to be willing to take that step.  Are you?? 

You have a whole story to tell, and it is impossible to tell it as you are, because the story is a hard story to tell, and people are watching, and who has the courage to do it on their own. 

I have been saying you need help to do what needs to be done.  You cannot work your way to a better you.   There are steps, and avenues that need to be traveled, and you cannot see these steps, and you don't know these avenues.   One does have vision of these things, and he wants to help you along this path.   Will you let him??   Are you and your life too important for this type of thing??  

You have been living long enough to know if there is a way to be a better you it would be a good thing to take that way. 

All the things you are lacking can be given when you need it.  Courage, strength, humility, etc...   I know we always want to prove our self, but prove yourself against what??  We've all seen everything haven't we??  

So what say you??   Shall we move forward??  Are you willing to take that blind step.   A step that will need trust, and a step you will need strength.   Kinda been saying it a while, and my heart sure is many times patient isn't it??  

This crazy crazy blog.   This crazy crazy life.  

I hope I can get fast again.   That would be fun.  I hope I stay healthy too.   I hope I see you all on the other side too.  You have so sooo sooooooo much more to experience, but you cannot do it as you are now.  

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p.s.   decided to do something different for dinner last night so chicken noodle soup tonight it is.  YUM YUM.    :)

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