Wednesday, October 9, 2013

There Was A Movie Called The Ugly Truth...

How fitting of a title too.   The truth is ugly.  We as people are ugly.  Been a bad stretch around here too, because as I think of some, actually a lot of people who were once important parts of this blog they have been looking quite ugly to me.   I look at things different here too.   I look at how people are as persons.  You may want to get all tangled up with how you look on the outside, but the important stuff is on the inside.  

What makes a person ugly??   Being fabulous.   Showing how fabulous we are as people.   The truth is ugly.   We have ugly stuff on the inside of us, and we were always supposed to look at that.   We were always supposed to see it, and we were always supposed to ask for help, and ask for forgiveness, because the ugly inside us overpowers us.   Society has forever and ever telling us to hide our ugly.  Wear a suit.  Put on makeup.   Don't tell people your dark secrets.   Wear flowers in your hair.   Wear nice clothes.   

Society has a synergy about it too.  Everyone is doing it.  Everyone is wearing nice suits, and telling everyone about their white picket fences.  At home though spouses are cheating on spouses.  People are doing things they think other people will judge them on, and keeping it a secret.  So many secrets, and the things we show people are only what we think is acceptable.  

Well ugliness lives in all the things we hide while we only show the fake parts of life.  Then you have the strength of Society which tells you don't be open.   Hide everything, because you may lose your job if you speak your mind.   While conversations go on in dark corners.   

Who lives in the Shadows??  Who lives in the dark??  Whose work are you doing if you live in the shadows and in the dark??  

I'll give you a guess.  

I am here to tell you that you are not strong enough to overcome the things you need to.   Society overpowers you, and fear overpowers you, and you are way to weak to do even a fraction of what you need to.   I have told you of ways to get on the right side of being right, but you were too busy.   You had your own life.   Too many things going on.   I have to do this and that and that.   

Like a thief in the night he came, but you were all tied up in your life huh??   

Life is a trap.  You have been given a way out, but you still believe in weak and miserable you huh??

tsk tsk.    


Oh btw, I woke up for some inexplicable reason at like midnight, and got a nice little run in.   Only a 2.5 miler, but perfect running weather.   

It was pretty awesome, and I feel pretty good.  

Later all you ugly people.   :)    

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