Sunday, October 13, 2013

What A Week...

Good Morning All.  How's it going??  Me, I am okay.  It has been quite a week, and it got pretty ugly at times.   I mean inside me was definitely more anger and hate than normal.  I am not sure why.   Every time I thought of people I didn't like them.  What was that about??  I don't know.  

I feel better now, I think.  I think maybe sometimes I think this thing should be way way farther along than it is.  

So anyway where do I stand??  I dunno.  I woke up this morning not wanting to blog.  Sometimes I wonder about it.   What I thought about this morning is I don't want to blog anymore.  Let this be done, it sucks kinda and stuff, but I always feel like doing it though.   Can't really fight who and what you are huh??   I mean you can I guess, but that is one of those things where pick your fights right??   You cannot fight you too good. 

So anyway my life is going on.  I am anti-social'ish these days.  I don't want to go out and do anything.   I am not really into the bar scene or anything, and I don't want to hang out and drink, and stuff.   My life is way different now than it was say 3-4 years ago.   The same things don't interest me.   I am healthy'ish so I will have to get back running with my normal running crew probably in a week or so.  I take Hope for 3 milers here and there, and that is where I want to stay when I am recovering from injury.   I can bump it up now though. 

We had to put our dog down the other day.  That sucked.  It was time, but so many memories.   Jazz has been in this house as long as us really.  We probably got her the first week we moved in.   I love my Black Labs.   Anyone remember the story of my H.S. girlfriend Carolynn and my other Black Lab Toby??  I won't go into it, but that shit takes stuff out of you. 

It is a personal loss too, because I have had friends lose their dogs, and my heart wasn't as broke up about it as I was about Jazz you know??  I thought a whole heck of a lot more over the girl who just died leaving kids and stuff.   Seems like she didn't tell many people about that.   I mean she was dying, but she didn't let a lot of people know.   That I know.   strange huh??   Why would people want to keep that stuff secret?? 

Anyway losing a Black Lab sucks.   I won't be as sad when Hope goes that is for sure.   All things being equal we will probably get another one next year.   As long as the World doesn't end, and stuff like that.   You know no wars, and stuff.  

My life with Lisa right now is pretty simple.   We are in our twilight years I guess, and we aren't even 50.  I have friends and stuff with kids, and having more kids, and what a long, hard, trip that has to be huh??  

I am a selfish person with my time.   I have been since forever, and having kids means you cannot really be too selfish anymore huh??  

I don't know.  I don't have too much to say.  I am in a pretty good mood though.  I know I complain life is boring and stuff like that, but I like boring... kinda.   I don't care if I am antisocial, because I do okay here in my house.   I have netflix, and t.v., and running.   I watch sports a lot on the weekends, and I have work and stuff. 

Uncomplicated, and pretty easy.   Hope I don't have too many weeks like last week where everyone seems ugly to me.   :)   Sorry about that.   I can't really control how I feel though can I??   I didn't like a lot of people last week.  :)

Bye, and have a good one.   til tomorrow maybe.   I work tonight so it won't be til when I wake up.   I typically don't do much interneting when I am at work.  

Gotta run.   well not really, but you know.   I already got a little run in this morning.   Pretty nice out.   57 I think.  

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