Thursday, October 10, 2013

In This World You Cannot Speak What You Feel...

The World is a backwards upside down place.  All the things we think are good and decent sure are not in us are they??  In this World though we have to pretend we are nice huh??  We have to put flowers in our hair, and wear nice clothes and stuff, because we sure don't want people to see what is inside us. 

The truth is not in our grasp.   We cannot see it.  I can say what I say, because I know where I stand.   I am not scared of the demons inside me, because I know it is known.  I know it is seen, and actually it is part of my path.   I have to do this.   This is what was laid out for me.  Would I have done this??  Would I have planned this??  Hell No. 

Am I angry my path is hard??  No, because it isn't really anymore.  I had some really hard days though, and I still remained faithful.   I didn't remain righteous mind you, but faithful.   That is the one thing which is probably hard to comprehend.   Faithful isn't right, faithful is things like obedience.  Believing when spoken to.   Accepting instead of hardening your heart.  Faithful is the tough stuff. 

Tough stuff is life turns.  The thing no one wants to do.  Why??  You are afraid of what is going to be asked of you.   Will stuff be asked of you??  Maybe.   How would I know??  Stuff was asked of me, and I did it.  I believed, and I was obedient.  I was made a fool, and I was ridiculed, and people hated me.  Still do probably. 

Why??  Because this stuff was supposed to be good news right??  It is good news in a manner of speaking, but that doesn't mean this life is good news.   It doesn't mean this World is good news.   This World sucks.   People suck, and if we let everyone know the things we thought.  Nope better not do that, because we are "supposed" to be a certain way.   Flowers are supposed to be in our hair.  

To think you can do whatever you want in this life.  Anything you put your mind to, but it still = zero points.   Points are in the hands of one better, stronger, and wiser than you.   You trust you though. 

tsk tsk. 

Anyhoo, I am not sure of the future of this blog.   I have a feeling it will go on, but it is different now.   Things over the past couple years did not work.   This blog was an amazing failure.   Approaching 4 years of this thing, and it hasn't accomplished one thing.  Wanna know why??

You want to wear flowers in your hair, instead of looking at the real stuff.   Why??   The real stuff is scary, and we would rather hide in our fairy tales.  

Strong is strong.   Honest, and accepting harsh truths, and being brave,

Your path is to be stronger and wiser than the one who lives in deception.   It is an ugly path in a way, because life is ugly.   Truth is beautiful though, although it may seem ugly. 

Oh well.   Gotta run... actually already ran a 3 miler.  Perfect weather out again.   I loved it. 

Hope everyone has a good day, and hope you find the inner strength to do this Shit.   You have a long long way to go, and you haven't even made the first step.  

Laterzzzzzzzzz Gaterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.   :)   xoxo

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