Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nothing About Nothing...

Afternoon all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay.  I have absolutely nothing to blog about today, so I'll just wing it.  So as this thing is going on I realize there is a disconnect.   What I write here to what people believe to be the truth. 

In your vocabulary are words it seems, like good enough, and well balanced.  etc...  I have been saying otherwise for quite a while??  maybe??  We are not good enough.   There is a path to a better you, but no one wants to take it, because of uncertainty??   Afraid of what my life will look like??   I am comfortable as I am??  I don't want to go into the unknown??

Maybe that is what this blog and I am about.   Do not be afraid of the unknown.   There is help, and there is hope, and this thing that I write will help you to a better you etc...   Many people are  very very sick.   What I mean by that is afraid.   Afraid to show their true colors, because life has you bound and tied. 

We are supposed to be a certain way, and that is what I show.   Behind closed doors though many people are completely different.   It is a sad state of affairs how much life has us bound and tied to be and act a certain way. 

We as people on our own are completely helpless.   We are completely worthless in the things that really need to be done.  That was always the case since the fall.  There are teachings out there.   Every single one of them fall short of its intention.  All teachings of this sort use the sword, and they have no idea what the sword is for.  It is not in our ability to understand the sword, and people should really really leave it alone.  It isn't the sword that saves, and we were always always supposed to seek the one who can give us understanding of the sword.   The sword is a tool.  The worst of the worst uses is it better than anyone.  He is good with the sword.  He is crafty with the sword, and there is only one who was able to overcome him.  

There is a path to this understanding, and a path to follow in the footsteps, but you have to be willing, you have to believe, and you must accept the way.  There are no half measures in this.   What is the most important law from the sword??   anyone anyone??  

That isn't a half measure is it??   It also says "those who love me are those who do as I have said."   That is a reckon type thing like faith and righteousness.   Outside the garbage room I was obedient.   It wasn't from love in my heart I did this, but the desire to do what was right and smart.   I was mad though, and I was a long ways away from where I thought I was. 

So the path may be bumpy.   There may be little hard spots along the way, because that helps us become stronger.  Part of the learning is, to overcome all you have to learn along the way how really unimportant we all are in the grand scheme of things.  How weak really and things like that.  

Not what we are taught growing up.  It isn't how we feel really either.   We feel we can do anything.  Our minds are a blessing and a curse.   Nice to have these minds, but they make us incorrectly value our worth.   One of the many many things to learn. 

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p.s.   I woke up just a bit ago.   Had problems falling asleep this morning.   I have today, tomorrow, and Thursday off.  :)   yay. 

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