Thursday, October 3, 2013

Then It Occured To Me...

Well hey there.   I figured something out this morning.  I mean the info was kinda given to me in my thoughts.   It was about yesterday.  The old lady and the coin.  Remember??  That is you and me and everyone.   We are born with that coin.  It is up to us to find it, and do what is best with it.  What is the best to do with it??

Well first off what is the coin??  It is our life.   All the things we can think of.   All the things we want to do.  What is the best thing we can do with our life??  Well??   Anyone anyone??

You don't know.   You have been looking at the best things in the World you can do with your life, and you haven't found it.  You don't know.   Should've, would of, could of... blah blah blah.   You think there is something wrong with you, but there isn't.  You are supposed to not be able to find anything.   Like the old lady you must humbly give up everything, your hopes, and whatever things you can think of, and humbly give it back.  Why??   You don't know the best things for you like who you would be giving it up to. 

Do you have strength??  Do you have trust?? 

It is also like a seed huh??   The weeds of the World keep trying to block out this little mustard seed, but some will find the right way to let this plant grow up to be the biggest of them all right??   Some won't.  

Neat huh??

What are you going to do???

cya.   :)

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