Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Geesh, On Any Given Day...

Good Morning all.  How's it going??   Me, I am doing okay I'd say.  I am up early.   I had last night off, today off, and tonight off.  Pretty sweet.  :)  I have a bunch of stuff to do around the house today.  I may watch a movie or two.  Maybe I will go to a matinee.   I have to pay some bills, etc...   Yeah,  I have to do the real life stuff too. 

I was thinking my blog on any given day can really go in any direction.   On a day like this my mind is wide open.   Able to think of everything and anything.  Oh this blog has gone on and on and on.   You may think things are the same as they have always been, but they aren't.   Your life is different now.   You know too many things, and these are things you cannot ignore.  Trapped with the truth.   Decisions you will have to make.  They are your decisions too, and your choices.   Your desires want one thing, and your Spirit wants to do right, and be right, and make wise decisions.   Your little voice has to win over you. 

I will not put a blessing on the things you do in this Earthly life for your own personal gain.  They matter not in the scheme of things.   You know what is right, and you know the truth, and the rest is up to you right??

I think I warned a long time ago this stuff gets harder and harder as we go on.  Nothing is going to get easier. Really since most people are just sitting halfway on the sideline maybe it would be easier.   Yay or nay right??  Then you know where you stand, and you know the decision you made.  If you are not all in, then you really are all out anyway.   There is peace of mind I'd imagine knowing you made a decision, and you stand to live with the consequences.   Although like the rich guy, he didn't really understand the enormity of his foolish decisions.   The one with the tears did. 

You are trapped by this World.  Trapped by all the short-sighted things the World makes us believe.  Looking for the fairy tale.  Something that gives our life meaning, and us meaning.   Something I can do on my own.   Let me show you my worth???   We are kinda born with one penny like the lady.   No matter what, you have to put it all in if you want that penny to be worth much much more.   If not you just held onto it, and you know I don't even think you can buy a gum ball with it anymore.  

Oh well.   Tough stuff I know, but who said this was going to be easy??   There was nothing to this life, but stupid shit anyway, and then we are 6' under.   Not much meaning is there??   If you look at the U.S. right now they have people from both sides holding onto stupid propaganda depending on the side, and acting like imbeciles.   I mean the answers are in front of them, but they cannot see it.   They let Corporations, and News channels owned by corporations, Military Propaganda blind them from what is true and what is real.   What is true and what is real??   This Country is stupid, and getting stupider, and so are the people.  

But hey,   I am just one person who has been going on and on.   Isn't it time you get off the sidelines.   Aren't you tired of just being luke warm??   I have seen all there is in life to see.   I have seen what you have to show me.   You can learn so much more.   You cannot show me anymore stuff on your own.  

Oh well.   I am out.   laterzzz

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