Monday, January 21, 2013

It is a Minor Miracle.

Well, it is a miracle that I am actually up to blog.  Not really, but I actually stayed up late to watch the 2nd football game.  So that means I will be tired today at work.  Normally I might have some cocktails while watching football, but wasn't feeling it yesterday.  Maybe today will be wine Monday, maybe not too.  We'll see after work.  I did buy a lot of stuff yesterday to make some good meals though, so there will be a good dinner. 

I got stuff for lasagna, stir fry, spaghetti, steak, and even some other stuff.  Don't ever go shopping hungry.  I spent like $120, and no alcohol??!!   WTF??   I bought things I might not normally buy.  I bought ramen noodles, because it looked good at the store.  I bought Velveeta, because I thought a grilled cheese would go good with ramen noodles.  I then saw sausage links, and that seemed like that might go good with my breakfast too.  HA HA  

I got home, and had some sausage links and scrambled eggs.  Now when the Hell am I going to eat these ramen noodle??  I never eat those.  Oh well. 

Other than that not much going on.  I think I might try running to work tomorrow, and see if I can get running again. 

So anyway, I know this blog gets weird at times.  I don't really understand the way people react to it.  That has always seemed strange to me.  It is a blog that helps support.  It doesn't do everything I want it too.  Obviously I'd like to do more, but I figure everyone has their own things to figure out in life.  We have a past that is filled with mistakes probably.  Things we probably don't want to show people.  I have showed a lot of my life, and it definitely wasn't perfect.  You know what too, no one is really strong enough to show people how horrible'ish we really are.  Who wants to show that stuff??   No one. 

At least we are all in that together.  My thing is the real us isn't perfect, and we strive to be better versions of ourself... probably, and fail... daily?? 

Those who show the less than perfect us have courage, and isn't that stuff great to see?? 

How little of us do we really show???    Very little huh??

Okay gotta run.  Have a good day all.  :)

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