Friday, January 11, 2013

How You Like Me Now???

Good Morning all, how's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  I remember a long time ago I said like that song I was going to give all my secrets away.  I guess I am.  How can I and why can I??  Because nothing of what you think of me matters.  In things pertaining to life and death, and all that really is important, what you think of me does not matter. 

I talk directly, and I speak freely, and many people have "told" me in not so many words they don't give a fuck.  Fine with me.  Don't ever underestimate my ability to be a complete hard ass dickhead. 

You know what I mean??  Do you see all the baggage people carry around??  Everyone holds onto what will this person think, or that person think??  The strength to stand alone in a World full of judgers surely is a gift.  It was what my whole story was about.  To get to this point. 

I have some crazy things about me, that well... let's just say it is a hard thing to believe I bet.  I know the truth.  I know my struggles, and I know what I am capable of.  One thing I am capable of is doing this blog day after day after day.   It doesn't always come out pretty, but it can if people were strong. 

People carry a lot of falseness in them.  The truth is hard to get to.  Sometimes some of our falseness is how great we want people to think our lives are.  None of us are perfect so none of our lives are perfect.  The places you go where they say it is important to "look" a certain way, as opposed to being real and being honest is not the right place to be. 

I have been saying this shit all along though.  Truth is a nasty ass Bitch that very few have ever sought or found. 

The formula is horrible all the way around.  Everywhere you look is ugly, and one of the greatest miracles of all, is my heart in the middle of all the uglyness in the World can be like this.  :)

Who knew???

I know where this is leading.  How it will work I have no idea.  So many questions unanswered.  So many things not known.  I trust in a different set of eyes beside my own to lead the way. 

My 5 and 10 year plans were done by someone else.  There was that tine from the early 90's to the start of Heimleblog where I pretty much did my own thing.  I guess it helped me learn the truth about Society and Life. 

It is Friday.  I get to work.  Taking Lisa out to lunch after, and probably get into my pajamas early.  Maybe have a couple drinks.  I am working tomorrow too.  :)   Good paychecks are kinda nice. 

Have a good one all.  

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo   to the one's I like .    :)

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