Saturday, December 31, 2011

300 For The Year and FTW

Well it appears this little blog update took a while to get around to Something is wrong with the hard disc on my computer.  That sucks.  Oh well, at least I can still do this. 

I don't really think there is much on my mind, but perhaps a look back at the year.  A horrible training year as injury after injury popped their ugly head.  We did have some car problems early in the year though, so I tried something new.  Biking in the winter to work, and also running to work.  I turned those into a staple of my life.  Try and get to work without driving, even in the snow.  I don't do it every day, but yesterday was the first time I drove in quite a while.  I don't remember the last time.  Helps we haven't had much snow yet.  Helps our car was in the shop too. 

My brother Jim died of a massive coronary, just as he started to fight his way out of his preconceived notions of his life.  If there was ever a person who wanted the stress free life, and pretend his was stress free, it was him.  That kind of dishonesty with oneself leads to all kinds of bad things.  He was a manipulator, blamer, eater, lazy dude, who felt everyone owed him some kind of life.  This was a huge shock to me, but I blogged earlier about what it meant.  What his life meant, and what his final journey entailed.  My Uncle told us at the visitation thingy on one of his last days he was listening to a Cubs game, and you know that was a good day for him.  No matter our circumstances I would hope we all have good days.  I would hope they outnumber the bad ones, because life should be on the whole more fun and funny, than the other side.  Only way to that I think is to be real, and honest, and stuff.  Deal with life as it hits, because to be less than honest with ourselves is... well nothing good comes from anything dishonest.  Nothing bad comes from the truth.  There are lessons all over about that stuff. 

As Fall approached I found a bit of health, and now I can start training.  You know Saturday long runs are really long runs.  Get back in the swing of things. 

Any goals this year??  No not really, just keep plugging along, and hope to do good with my running.  That stuff takes care of itself though with keeping at it.  Sometimes I wonder why I do marathons, I mean wouldn't it be easier to train for 5 and 10's???  Who knows, it is what I do though. 

I keep doing my blog thing, and step in and help support when people need it.  Life is fricken hard, and our own vision of how we think life should be kind of poisons us, because we always feel cheated.  Too bad history always tells us of these great people who seemingly lived great lives, and doesn't tell us about the other 99.99% of the people who toiled anonymously, but still had family and still had friends, and still had lives that mattered. 

On that note I'd say we all matter.  Our lives to us are big, but in relation to the world and universe, and the other people who walked the earth, it would be very easy for us to live a life of anonymity. 

That is it for today!!!   :)

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p.s.  Holy shit did I sleep yesterday.  I was fricken tired. 

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