Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Sad Music Changed My Day!!

First off I did get a new blog follower.  I don't always give them folks credit, but I love blog followers, so thanks to you all.  Special thanks to Kiet who is the new person who followed my blog.  I followed his back too. 

Anyway yesterday I was tired all day.  I napped during both my breaks.  Not really a big deal, but just something I noticed.  I did ride my bike to work yesterday, but that ended up being it.  A strange thing happened to me yesterday toward the end of my shift.  The music became sad.  That is nothing new, but I don't remember it happening in a while.  Maybe it was to the extent it made me feel the way I did.  I thought about my post yesterday, and I hope it wasn't too bad ass.  I am a runner, and that is what I do.  Not everyone can be a runner, and not everyone can do what I do, and I hate hate hate when I feel maybe I am calling people out for being lazy.  I am not doing that.  This is just something I am interested in.  I always feel a person should be active.  Being outdoors in most cases is better than being inside, although us in the Midwest spend a great deal more time inside this time of year.  I think if you were given two options.  One to sacrifice a lot to train a lot to do races and what not, or to have compassion for those less fortunate, the compassion side is the way more better thing to have, and to be.  That is not man made either.  So if you train, and do all kinds of hard stuff to be a good racer, you haven't done anything nearly as good as taking a minute out of your day to help support a person who is down on themselves or whatever. 

I also think it is not such a bad thing to be down on yourselves a bit either, because none of us are perfect, and none of us have all the answers.  If being down on yourself a bit keeps you from being angry and judgmental toward another then maybe that ain't such a bad thing. 

Anyway that is what I thought of when the music turned sad.  I hoped I wasn't all bad ass on my last post, and people took it the wrong way.  That being said there are choices in life.  If you are healthy and stuff and are able to be active you should be.  If there is a choice to be active or lazy, it don't take a rocket scientist to figure out the better way.  Not to mention people who aren't lazy tend to be respected more than the others.  You only have one life, and much of the shit we do is stupid, but no need to be lazy.  I mean even active people spend a good amount of time doing nothing and chilling.  There is always time for that.  :)

Anyway the sad music changed my day too.  Since real training hasn't started the Tuesday night run can be flexible, since we aren't doing speed work on Wednesday.  So I called Jerry, and we are running tonight.  I went home, had a couple drinks, chilled and was lazy.  :)   LOL 

Have a good one all.   Luv Ya's!!!   :))

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Christi said...

I did not take your post yesterday as being a bad ass. You actually inspired me. Don't be so hard on yourself! You are unique in your own way and I love ya for that! MWAH!

FYI, thanks so much for your comment on Facebook. It meant a lot to me! I have made a decision. I am going to follow my passion. Now I have to get ready financially. Some day you will be able to call me a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer!

Kiet said...

Aaaargh, you called me out, I like to stalk blogs and be stealth about it. ;o)