Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guess I Better Get In The Swing Of Things.

Well, as we approach January, I guess I am approaching that 16 week period of where I should actually be in training.  I have to look up some type of plan, and go from that.  I already know my plan will consist of Tuesday's 6-miler.  Wednesday's speed work, and Saturday long runs.  For no reason whatsoever my Winter runs I try to add shorter distances more frequently, where in the Summer I always tried to add a Monday run of 10-13 miles.  Ummm, I haven't run 13 miles in a while, let alone 10.  :) 

I don't really feel I have been putting my best foot forward this winter at all, but I was thinking I have done some stuff.  I built up at least a bit of a base, and 16 weeks is a long time to stay focused.  Let's face it, I have other interests. The best thing of running is it takes not that much time,  all things considered. 

I am a do as I please kind of person,  so some days I will watch movies, or read, or drink, and listen to music.  Whatever hits me that day.  I am directed by how my heart is, and I am so so so lucky.  Lucky to have some of the nutty stuff happen to me that did.  I can trust my heart.  Let it take me wherever it goes, because, I know I am headed in a good direction.  I guess I have peace of mind a lot.  Especially when I wake up, because at the end of the day I do not 2nd guess anything.  Even if I feel bad about something or another, I just see how it works out.  I have no need to manipulate anything, and I have freedom to do a lot of stuff.  In my heart is to try to help support people as they struggle through this thing called life.  Struggle when we feel not so confident.  Struggle when we look a the meaning of it all.  I think deep down we try to manipulate our relationships.  Take a view of ourselves, and judge others accordingly.  Truth of the matter is we all are imperfect in ways, and always not truly happy with how we are anyway.  We all struggle with more shit than what we are perfect with.  We all are riding the emotional waves of ups and downs through this thing called life, and trying to find our way.  I think maybe what I say is depressing, but my heart is upbeat, so I don't think it is.  A lot of the shit out there is pretty fucking stupid. 

Everyone has to find their way in the world, and the people who do the most damage, are those following people who have all the right answers.  Those right answers typically are our misery is the fault of these guys.  It is why wars are started and stuff.  How many people died due to the ideology of the Truman Doctrine.  I liked the guy, but that sure was poison.  The Marshall Plan of rebuilding, is probably better than the Divisive Truman Doctrine.  So I would say the more we realize we are in this together, the better off we'd all be.  The people who divide though have a loud voice, and they sound confident, and anger and hate is a great motivator. 

Oh well, today I will run to work, and after work Lisa and I are going to see "The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo"  Should be a good day. :)  Jerry and I ran 6 miles last night.  I didn't time it, and I felt sluggish.  Probably from watching movies all day.  :)

 Have a good one all.  :)

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p.s.  I love bundling up and being warm in the Winter.  :)

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Extras of these  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Christi said...

I want to see that movie! I hope it is good!