Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Monday. Wish It Was February. ;)

I don't really have too much on my mind to be honest, but I think I will get some coffee, and see where this goes.  I was thinking of something a friend of mine Jeff said in jest.  Making a joke, he then said it was all about me.  Our life is all about us.  Like I said before we will all breathe our final breath at some point, so it ain't such a bad thing to be a little bit selfish about the things we do. 

Let me go back to the boxing night.  There was a blond girl who was well endowed in the bosom area.  She was the card girl who pranced around with the big sign saying which round was coming up.  I was getting a beer, and there was a girl who was a bit big, and she said, "damn I wish I was that fine I could walk around like that."  That made me think people want to be noticed.  We all want to stand apart a bit, and have people think we are all pretty good and decent people.  I think the best way about doing that is showing how imperfect we all are.  Why put up a front??  The appearance of how we want people to view us don't mean shit.  The appearance of how we really are means everything. 

Our lives are all poisoned by some fairy tale in our mind of how life we think is "supposed" to be.  Well your fairy tales are bull.  Accept that shit, and move on.  There is a higher truth to life, that is being taught to you.  The lessons ain't easy, but it leads you in the right direction. 

Life has hard shit in it, especially since it ends in a bad way no matter who we are.  Trust the little ones too, because they are actually better able to cope with shit then the older ones.  Our natural tendency is to bury shit.  The older we get the more shit we bury, and that adds unhealthy stuff to our souls, and makes us worse people.  In other words we all are human, and we all are imperfect, and in things pertaining to life and death everything is pretty dumb.  Who gives a shit about that North Korean dude.  He is dead, and I am alive.  Fuck him, at this stage I outrank him.  :)  LOL

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p.s.  In order to be strong you have to accept the truth which will make you feel very much not so strong.  Truth is a bitch, but it leads in a good direction.  (that is a p.s. p.s.  )  This is the other kind.  :)   xoxo

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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