Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Movie Day!!

I took yesterday off.  It was one of those Mondays.  It wouldn't surprise me if I only slept 1 hour on Sunday night.  I was a bit tired on Monday obviously.  I worked only a 7.5 hour shift, and came home and napped.

Wow I really don't have much to write about actually.  :)

Let's change the Pace...

New Title.  Zuchini???  Man or Myth???  

  • Yes A List--  Not too creative today.
  • I like doing lists, cause I can just ramble.
  • Watched Pulp Fiction Last night.  I forget how good of a movie that is.
  • Samuel Jackson is so funny.  
  • I love the line "That better be one mother fucking charming pig"  lol
  • Ezekiel line is pretty cool.  
  • I have had a big time crush on Uma Thurman for a while.
  • Since the Kill Bill's probably
  • I like using prolly instead of probably sometimes.  :)
  • Running my 6 mile loop this morning, instead of last night.  
  • planned that yesterday.  I hate running in 90 degree humidity
  • I don't think I breathe all that well in that stuff.  
  • I have no idea how I did it in 2007.
  • I ran a bit with a 3:50 pacer in Chicago 2007 on Saturday.  He was the only pacer left that day from his group.  :)
  • He was passing 3:10 people on that day.  3:10 pasted on their backs.  Yikes!!
  • Some people are tough about that shit.  I am not.  
  • Last Wednesday I forced myself to suffer a bit.  Go more than 10K pace on the track.  
  • I liked it.  :)
  • The heat only goes through today, and then more normal temps.  
  • We watched Ferris Bueller last night too.  A lot of good stuff in that movie.  I forgot.  
  • Hailey's friend Kristy is staying with us for  a while in Hailey's bed.
  • Lisa and Kristy get along really good.  Lisa is really really nice.  :)
  • Her little dog stays too I think.  
  • I am how I am supposed to be.  
  • Sometimes I am strong, and sometimes I am weak.
  • Sometimes I am outgoing, and sometimes I am introverted.
  • After my run I bet I am jacked, and ready to go!!  
  • It is 2:00 am now, and plan on running at 2:30.
  • I think that is about it for today.
  • Yesterday I was just to myself mostly.
  • Which is fine by me sometimes to be honest.  
  • When I am tired, I typically am to myself.
  • I loved movie night last night.  It was really fun.
  • I don't do that much.
You know me I could go on forever, but I won't

That will be it for today!!  :)

Hope you All have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

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