Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Now that was a day off!!  Unplanned, but perhaps much needed.  It was a day off from social networking, blog reading, and blog writing.  It was unplanned like I said, but I enjoyed it.  I slept in til like 4:30 am.  Had to be to work at 5:00, so no bike to work.  No workout yesteray either. 

Here is what is happening in these neck of the woods.  We had to put our cute bunny Milo down.  Lisa cried, and I felt really bad for her.  Those with pets know that isn't easy.  All loss is hard, and all loss many times is a personal grief.  None of us really understand one another's grief, we just know it is sometimes hard to watch someone you care about going through it.  So that night sucked, and maybe that is why I slept late.  It did tear me up a bit, but that is what I do right? 

Ha!!!  I was going to bitch a bit about work, but I guess I'll hold off.  A couple departments are not doing all that great of a job.  I won't mention, which departments, because they might read it.  It is the paint dept. and Receiving dept. (How's that for not mentioning it??)  lol!!!    I don't know what the deal is, but they sure don't get shit done.  I don't give a shit if anyone reads this.  Here is an example.  I spent one week not doing my job to help the paint dept. get caught up with overstock.  I come back and they have a huge list of shit that needs to be taken down.  I told the manager to spend 30-40 hours each week on this stuff.  They spent seemingly 0!!  Fuck Them!!!

Receiving I sent an e-mail to take care of some shit outside.  I did this before vacation.  I finally jumped on the forklift after vacation to take care of it myself.  If you have a job to do, can't you at least do that??  FUCK!!!  I'd find some new fucking workers if they aren't motivated to get shit done!!! 

I was a manager once, and I always worked hard to make sure my dept. looked good.  It pisses me off when I see  things can be better if a little effort was given.  Everyone there is just picking up their paychecks though.  Cool!!  Sometimes I want to pull my hair out!!  Once in a while I send nice e-mails forwarded to the dept. and the Store Manager.  I'll bust some balls if I have to.  It is fair too, because if  positions were reversed, it is something I would make sure I got fucking done.  So that is how work is going.  :)

Lisa's Mom had to go to the hospital again.  Don't ever live a lazy life!!  Diabetes sucks!!  You know when you give yourself a lifestyle disease the ones who supposedly care about you, get really irritated with you.  You become a burden.  Now I am not going to mince words on this thing.  She still just doesn't FUCKING get it!!  She is selfish (life is all about her)  I don't know what to do with these types of people.  Do they constantly just live in a fantasy world? 

I have many flaws, and I am not afraid to admit it.  Laziness is not one, that is for sure.  I don't make the rules of the world, but even the makers don't follow them.  If they did banks would have been left to die.  (they were bankrupt remember)  Life isn't fair either.  I mean how does one man in a suit who has never seen a war, and perhaps used privililege to get out of serving in a war, start a war?  How does he do this under the guise of some religious holding?  How much suffering has this caused? 

I don't talk organized religion, because I don't believe in it.  You who may read this know that.  I don't want to talk this and that about religion, but even Satan believes there is a God right??  He knows the story of centuries ago too. 

I have friends who are atheists who are struggling, although I feel they are slowly turning to God.  The story here is seemingly you don't find God, but he lets you find him.  I have some lessons I know.  Lesson of Jacob, and Esau.  Lessons of Noah and the flood.  They are hidden lessons, and I don't feel the need to teach them, because they are scary lessons.  I have been put in scary situations.  I have told Gina about them, but haven't really opened up here at all.  Point???  not sure. 

All I know is I have been given a promise that all from here on out will be for good.  I have a feeling the promise was given to me before the hospital, but now I know it is for good.  I still have hard days, and still have thoughts I'd just as soon to disclose to no one, but God.  I let him see my bad stuff, because he understands.  Just on Monday I was having some bad thoughts, and it occured to me, albeit with help, God knows my thoughts, my suffering.  To him I turn, because this is all for good.  He knows I still struggle, but I get to see good through it all. 

Guess that is about it today!!  :)

Not sure what these days will bring for you!!

Be strong and courageous!!!  :)

Be honest!!  :)

It will serve you well!!  :)

Monday on dead legs, and horrible humidity 6.2 miles @ 9:38 pace I think.  Track tonight!!  Promises to be hard. 

Saw Inception yesterday with Lisa, it was good.  I recommend it.  :)

cya!!!  :)

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Beth said...

Glad you are back to blogging!! :) Sorry about your bunny. That is always so sad!!