Sunday, August 22, 2010

Which Way Is Up???

This is going to be like the other days I think.  I have a lot I can say, and some stuff I hold back.  There are some things about this blog that are weird to me.  Like it is seemingly a scary blog??  Not sure, but anyway, I will start with my run, and go from there. 

I don't really have a plan with my running too much.  Important to me are Wednesday speed, and Saturday Long run.  As I am training for a marathon Monday long'ish run becomes important to me too.  It worked for me last year.  I want to add a Friday, but didn't this week.  It was really hot and humid out.  I get led with how I feel believe it or not.  I didn't feel like running on Friday so I didn't.  Wouldn't you know it it rained all during my run on Saturday.  I was able to get in 18.3 miles with heavy feet.  Temps were great, but the shoes were definitely heavy. Water does that.  9:22 pace.  Legs were still firing to the end of the run.  I am definitely getting distance legs.  Pretty important if running a marathon.  So as we speak I have one 17 miler, with a tempo after 2 hours.  I also have one 18 miler with heavy shoes.  All my workouts I don't hit my goals, but my workouts are hard, and I am getting strong.  I think I was right, once I get the distance in my legs the speed will come.  So this is pretty exciting for me.  This is fun stuff for me. 

I missed a party last night.  Beau had to work, but Charity threw him a party.  It started at 11:00 pm.  Yeah, not really my thing.  I tried to stay up, but it wasn't going to happen.  Lisa got a loud exhaust ticket, so no movie.  :)   I listened to music, and had a couple beers.  I was getting annoyed with Hailey's boyfriend and her being around, so I yelled at Hailey's boyfriend, and went downstairs to nap.  I was going to go to Charity's at 9:00.  I slept til 2:30 am.  :)   Oh well. 

Let me explain what I mean about Hailey's boyfriend being a girly man.  Now I have gay friends, and they are not girly men.  They speak their mind.  They aren't afraid to be who they are.  By girly man I mean after 2 days he was calling Lisa Mom.  GAG!!!  He calls Jackie Grandma too.  DOUBLE GAG!!  Brian doesn't call Jackie Mom he calls her Jackie.  It makes my blood curl hearing Hailey's boyfriend say that crap.  BLEH!!!!   He is fat, lazy, and bringing nothing to the table.  If you don't have the physical attributes being strong, honest, and funny is the way to go.  He tried calling Kevin uncle, and Kevin said he does it one more time he'll slug him.  :)   The fucker ain't going to handle the men in this house.  Best go live with the girls in the other place.  :)  Savannah is too tough for him too.  :)   He'll have to toughen up a bit to survive.  The honest will survive, the weak will be run over.  :)   Honesty = strength.   I have a feeling the kid will make improvements.  I mean why else would he be here right??  You should see him though.  He has no money right, he is just sponging wherever he lives.  He hasn't had a haircut in forever.  So he is fat, gross hair, not sure what his shower habits are.  Underarm deoderant???  not sure.  Where do these guys get these things??  I am not going to pay for his haircut.  Life gets tough for these 18 year olds doesn't it?  I work for stuff around the house and me.  I don't work for them.  Hailey always has a place, and we'll help.  Going to have to live with me though right.  High School has been graduated somehow.  Only person who graduated while only having 2 days of homework in 4 years.  :)  Free ride is over.  You are an adult.  We'll see where this goes. 

Teachers should be paid more.  They not only teach stuff to learn, but they also teach life too right?   Teachers can make a difference in a person's life too.  We all have our favorite teachers, ones who made us think.  For me it was my High School World History teacher.  I dated his daughter a bit in college too.  weird.  :)   Non-Western Poly Sci. in college.  Teacher was a Palestinian.  I got a different viewpoint.  His!!  opened my eyes.  I didn't always see eye to eye with him, but he made me think.  Now that I am older and wiser, I do see eye to eye with him.  He was the smart one.  :)   I had a law professor who made me think too.  Actually was going to go to law school too, but got led in a different way.  I was led to the hospital, and to these days.  I was led to last summer, and led to this summer.  Now I have a promise that everything will be for good.  Ticket yesterday???  I thought, welp, all is for good.  I am excited for the future, and excited for the bloggers who are on my right hand side.  We are all learning, some are training, some are doing new things.  We all struggle with stuff, not sure what everyone struggles with to be honest.  I know Leigh and I are in the same boat.  Shitty $$$$  issues keep popping up.  No biggie though it is the people that matter, and seeing the people get wiser, and better is good.  I guess if we see something is red, better call it that way right??  I could pretend to like Hailey's boyfriend, but I don't.  He'll be better for it.  Me not liking him today, doesn't mean it lasts forever.  I like strong people.  People like my ex-neighbor Rick.  He is as gay as they come, but we hung out a lot, and were best friends.  He struggled through some stuff, but we always had a good time together.  We both drank Jim Beam to a good extent.  That shit is too expensive now, so don't drink it.  I drink Brandy if I am doing hard stuff.  :)   The great thing about gay people is they are who they are.  They are out, and open.  God doesn't want perfect, because only he is.  God wants you to be honest.  Your battle against the one who lies.  :)

I am going to ride my bike today.  My i-pod works now.  I am not sure how far I will go, 27 for sure, and prolly less than 100!!  My legs feel pretty recovered from my run already, so will be able to get a longish run in tomorrow. 

Guess that is it today!!!  :)

Sorry so long, hope it wasn't boring!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. I once wrote a paper on carpet.  My English teacher Mr. Wyman rolled his eyes when he saw the title.  When he graded it he said it was a great paper.  He said it was Andy Rooney'ish from 60 minutes.  Mr. Wyman is a FB friend too.  He was one of my good teachers too.  Retired I think last year.  :)  I always remembered that.  :)

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