Monday, August 16, 2010


I told this story to Lisa's side of the family via e-mail.  Myrna, Brian, Barbara, and Cathy.  I figured I'd tell it now.  First off I want to apologize for my Steve Rose funeral thingy anger post.  Anger is irrational.  A lot of times you don't know what causes it, and you go overboard.  That happened on that post.  Obviously Steve Rose's death is a big part of all of our years, and I would love to see everybody who was there and more.  It is our life.  Some people like John Miller were real close to the situation, and real close to Steve.  I would like to give a special thanks to Russ Beaupre who filled me in on the whole story.  I am glad to have met Jen Gray there, and Faith, of course Gina and I talked a good portion of the time.  I talked to Joe Stacy for quite a bit of time.  Wish I could have talked to everybody, but I didn't.  Most importantly if you read this accept my humble apologies.  Oh, I met and talked to Tammy S. too.  One of the Kmineks.  :)  Everyone there was great.  Some good speakers like Steve R's Dad.  I remember looking at Beth Rose's Mickel's face, and know that was tough on her.  Once again my apologies.  I can't keep anger in too well, it festers.  Damn thing is so irrational too.

Oh yeah, no way for me to make the dang soccer game either.  I still have no exhaust on the car, and I am not going to drive that piece of  crap to Chicago.  :)  Once again, I guess Marathon training supercedes Soccer playing.  You know me anyway,  I would have gotten injured.  Probably pull 15-20 groin muscles.  :)

Shit, look what time it is.  Gonna have to rush this one.  After the hospital remember Natalie and I became friends, and she got me riding the exercise bike.  I went from 130-170 lbs. in a quick time.  Physical depression.  Sleep, work, sleep.  Exercise helped a lot.  Natalie helped a lot.  This empty feeling I had (physical depression) made me jealous for the first time ever in my life.  Natalie and I became more than friends.  I was jealous a lot.  Weird.  First and only time in my life, I can recall.  I was head over heels with Natalie.  Then she went to Denmark to study abroad, and that just killed me.  I wrote her letters every day, and she wrote me once each week.  That killed me too, because I couldn't stop thinking about her.  My first time of blogging every day.  I guess not everyone does that. :)  I surely didn't understand the lack of letters at the time.

So anyway I was working at Menards at the time, so this must be summer of 94, perhaps fall.  We drove to Eau Claire, Wisconsin on a work related thing.  We took the company car.  What happens when you have 4 guys on their own with nothing to do?  We go drink at a bar.  I meet this pretty blond girl, and we talk.  I found out she is Nannying in the States, and she is from Norway originally.  Norway close to Denmark we click.  I get her number, even though I was only in town for one day.  Eventually I get her address, and we become pen pals.  We only ever saw each other one other time.  I sent her money to take a train??  bus?? to Chicago, so she could see the Windy City.  We hook up with my friends Doug and Ellen, and Mike and his wife, forget her name.  Haven't seen Mike in a few years, and his wife longer than that.  So we do the Chicago thing, and drink the night away, and have fun.  It was strictly a platonic relationship.

Sometime after that Chicago trip, must have been Spring of 95, we lost touch.  She went back to Norway, and started her life again there.  Last summer I found her on FB.  She isn't on it much, but that is her story, and that is how I have a friend from Norway.

Is it a big deal??  Not really, but you know she is an important part of my life.  When I was down, I had someone to write to, and call.  She is great, and really nice.  She dresses up as a clown for kid's birthdays.  Her husband seems funny too.  Once again, he is never on FB either.  Oh well.  :)

Things with Natalie and me didn't end well.  She made me mad.  I told her I'd call her later, and I did.... a couple months later.  I'd like to apologize to her.  She snapped at me when I called, and I didn't take it well.  I was angry, because for the first time in a longggg longggg time, since before the hospital, I felt good.  Spring of 95 probably.  I wasn't going to let anything bring me down.  I was a jerk.  I really did love Natalie, but perhaps we didn't communicate very well.  We never let the other know what we thought.  Oh well,  I apologize to Cathrine for losing touch.  My fault I bet, and also Natalie for being a jerk.

Life really is full of stuff.

Sometimes I am a jerk.  :)

That really sucks!!  :)

That is it for today!!

Hope you have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

oh yeah perhaps you don't like seeing your name on this blog???  Too bad!!  If you are on my mind you might make it on the blog.  :)   Deal with it!!!   :)

p.s. I got another blog to read.  It is a running blog.  Link was given to me by a friend.  If you read the 2nd post you will see it is right up my alley.  A running blog about life!!  Woo Hoo!!  :)  It is the Sugarleg one for those interested in those things.  :)

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