Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nancy O'Toole Is Off My List

Nancy O'Toole thinks I am a creeper.  I never met her ever, and never had anything mean to say to her.  She was such a good blogger too. 

That is my update!!

Too bad!!

I will never read her blog again!! 

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Steve said...

I will re-add Nancy O'Toole if she asks nicely. Doubt she does. Probably doesn't even read this.

I am pretty angry about that though. She was honest though, so guess that is good.

I hope she asks, cause I do like her blog.

We run this race in such a way as to get the prize. That is what I am doing now, but really someone else does it. I am along for the ride.

I write scary stuff. I know. I am sorry, but it must be how it is supposed to be.

Realize I have been terrified a lot throughout my life. It wasn't easy, but now I am at a good point.

I know this is a hard summer for some of you, probably all of you. Know I have been through that. It is necessary. I am here so you can see the good that comes out of it.

Remember Anne Frank's story, she lived in fear every day. I stopped reading it, because it was too sad. What a great blogger she was.

I have spoken my piece. :)