Saturday, August 7, 2010

Think I'll Get Some Coffee First!!

I know I know stupid title.  There is a reason for it though.  I am out, Lisa forgot to pick some up at the Local Lumberyard while she was working.  She later went to Target, and forgot again.  I did get a new pair of flip flops though.  All mine broke this summer.  Now I have a new comfy pair.  fabric toe thingy.  The best, and usually cheap too.  Flip flops the cheaper many times the better.  Woo Hoo!!  I told Lisa to tap into some of our negative cash flow to get it.  Ha ha!!  j/k.   :)  Oh yeah, I had to run out to the local coffee station to get some-- gas station. 

So...what is on my mind today???  Feeling a bit off I'd say, nothing major, but just not my normal on top of the world self.  No biggie really, I mean we all have good days and bad days, and this really doesn't appear like a bad day, but a day where I am seeing things a bit different.  A little more thoughtful perhaps.  When I was driving to get my coffee, the music in the car sounded great.  There was a "Who" song, and then a "U2" song. 

Wanna know what my thoughts were?  I am lucky.  I am lucky I wake up so early.  I can run a 4.25 mile loop plus the run to the school and back gives me 7 miles without the group.  If I run another 9, probably the minimum anyone would run, that gives me my first 16.  If I run 12, that gives me 19.  A 19 miler would give me 35 miles for the week, as August looks to be a big running month... for me.  As bad as I was on the track on Wednesday, although I did work hard, I realize I am building. 

I thought of writing about this so I will.  (Warning long blog entry)  perhaps even boring if you don't find me as fascinating as I do.  :)

I was not a good student in H.S. and not even in college til like the last 1-1/2 years.  In High School I took Science until it tuned into Math (no Physics)  I think I took Math through  Trig, and 4 years of German.  I was pretty good at P.E. though. :)   I was perhaps a little better than a C student.  I was a 21 ACT'er and a low 1000's SAT'er.  Pretty average, like I am at most things.  Except Golf... I really suck at golf.  Oh and shopping too, I really suck at liking shopping.  :)

College, early success meant too much confidence, so stopped trying real hard after I got A's and B's on my first tests.  I hit some rough patches in the middle years of College.  It was about finding a balance for me.  Balance fun and work.  I realized give good effort in both, and you typically will do o.k.  Everyone's fun is different.  I am a social drinker, so that typically would be some of my fun.  I'd also play some sports, and watch sports a lot too.  One thing I learned, and I think it is an important lesson is working hard to accomplish something, like getting a good grade is a worthwhile objective.  At some point in time, I also realized I like learning.  I think that is why after the hospital I became such an avid reader of History.  I liked learning, and I thought History was a subject worthy of study.  Classics too to an extent.  Wanted to see why a classic was a classic.  I don't read history too much anymore or anything to be honest, but bloggers.  Not sure why that is either.  Is there a reason for it?  I assume so, but not really sure why.  I really loved mountain climbing books too.  Some of you know that already.  They are such good writers.  I read the Lance Armstrong books, and finally got my hands on "Once A Runner" once it came back into print.  I also for a good 8 years or so analyzed 1000s and 1000s of Baseball player's statistics.  You would not even begin to imagine how much time was spent on that. 

So anyway, I once asked what am I to do?  There was a story, there was an answer.  I never got the answer, but I have done what's been asked.  I have been given a promise. 

There is more to my story, and this is how it seems to be working.  When the bloggers I read open up, it opens me up.  Why???  I don't know.  I know why we are opening up.  We tend to hide things from people, but it really isn't a successful route, because you cannot hide any of it from God. 

Couple things about this entry.  I had no idea it would go there.  :) 

That is about it for today!!!  :)

Hope you have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

p.s.  gonna take Lisa to see Inception today, and prolly cook something on the grill.  Salmon for me, not sure what for her. 

cya!!  :)

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