Friday, August 13, 2010

Bad Bad Mood Yesterday!!

I started off in a bad mood today too, but I read Beth's update and that just cracks me up.  I have no idea how small she is, I am assuming pretty small.  She is training for an ironman this year.  Her first one.  She is like probably the nicest person in the world, but she'd kick your fucking ass on a race course.  Ha Ha!!  How funny!!

So this is a serious message.  I am mad at damn near every one of my FB friends who went to Steve Rose's funeral.  They have not learned his lesson.  If he could speak from the grave he'd tell you to be open, honest, and show people.  Chances are you aren't carrying near the burden he carried.  He'd tell you toughen up people.  This shit ain't easy.  It ain't that fucking hard though.  Try training for an no thanks.  It is just scary is all.  You have to show people you are not perfect.

Want to know what my bad thoughts on Monday were?  Take me God, this shit ain't working.  They aren't listening.  With help I realized it is working, it just is going slow.  I don't have the patience, but I don't think you people are as tough as you fucking think.

Those afraid to show the bad, really are just a bunch of fakes.  You want me to name some names??  I will.  If you aren't on my select list of people I want to visit you are one!!  How's that??  How many similar friends do Gina and I have???  48.  Maybe 40 live in Chicago??  I want to see 5.  I wanted to see them all at the funeral.

So there fuckers.  Love lives in the light, you live in the fucking dark.  You live in the dark, I have no desire to know you.  :)  See that is my bad side!!  A small portion of it, I have plenty more if you want, but fortunately the good wins out.  You may need some more rainy days however.  You fuckers need some damn courage too, because I think you are a bunch of fucking pussies.  :)  More bad!!!  :)

You can't fucking hang with Nancy O'Toole.  She is fucking 20 years old.  Are you kidding me, and once again I bet she weighs a whopping 120 lbs. or less.  So yeah, I don't think you folks are all that fucking tough.  Tough = honest.  Let's see what you got!!  :)

That is it fuckers!!!  :)

Hope you All Have a Great and Awesome Day!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

Barb where the hell did you go??   :)   She is another tough one!!  :)

p.s. bike to work and back!!  I was tired, but that shit is easy!!  :)

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~L said...

'Want to know what my bad thoughts on Monday were? Take me God, this shit ain't working. They aren't listening. With help I realized it is working, it just is going slow. I don't have the patience, but I don't think you people are as tough as you fucking think.'

what the fuck is goin on with you? Being mad at everyone who went to a funeral because they aren't listening to you? as tough as you? as open about their shit as you?

Your anger is unhealthy as your mother-in-law's physical condition. Why waste your time and energy evaluating other people? If you don't agree with them or what they believe in or how they act or don't act, then they aren't meant to fit into your life...especially if they live far away and you can easily hide their words.

You may want to distract your thoughts from ruminating on the negative and thank God for the positive blessings in your life: Lisa, your brother John and his family, Gina, your blogger friends, Steve Rose. Enjoy these people. These people need YOU.

I wish you a peaceful heart friend.