Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good Run

To Run is to learn.  I learn all the time from running.  As I would imagine most people realize running is hard on the body.  For me I have to worry about two things.  I would imagine most people are in this boat.  Show up to race day in shape, and showing up healthy.   That is always always always easier said than done.  That is a battle. You wanna do a lot, but not too much, because you need to stay healthy.  Sometimes you have to be smart, and sometimes lucky too I guess. 

Yesterday I had a plan.  I planned on running with Mike and Dan.  Right now both are a bit slower than me, but at other times have been faster.  Dan still is the one with the 22:00 5K I haven't beat.  Mike is the one who went from 36 minute 5Ker to kicking our ass all over the place in the space of a few months.  His trick, was the running group.  Anyway what made it possible for me to run a little slower than I might normally during my long run was Amanda.  She was my kinda partner last year, and we did our long runs typically the same speed.  Her long runs now are more sociable, and she is hanging with a friend to chat, and enjoy the miles.  Amanda btw has been kicking my ass on the track.  It hasn't hurt her fitness at all, and perhaps even has helped it a bit.  My long runs might be social runs now.  My core doesn't hurt at all today either.  Slower is better on long runs.  :DDDD   I plan on going on a semi-long run tomorrow too.  No biking today for me, taking the day off. 

No biking cause I don't feel like it.  Lisa had plans yesterday, so we are going to the movie today.  We have to do some stuff around the house too.... maybe.  :)

17.2 miles @ 9:28 pace.  Around the 2 hour mark I threw in a tempo run for a mile maybe mile and a half.  It was unplanned, but I was bouncing off the pavement, so I took off.  I have no idea how fast, but probably 7:30'ish.  Maybe faster, I was  cruising....for me. 

I feel confident in my running again, and my training.  Woo Hoo!!!

That is it for today!!!  :)

Hope you have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!!   :)

Love You All!!!  :)

know what???  I feel great after I blog.   :DDDDD-- don't know why.   :)

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