Tuesday, August 24, 2010

French Fries From Amsterdam

For the record this is definitely a title first, and see where it takes me entry.  I like these believe it or not.  Holy SHIT are they fun.  :)

Yesterday I slept in til 4:00 am, so no blog entry and no blog reading either.  I only had one to read, so I read it in the afternoon after my run.  Sunday I took to the streets again with my bike.  I slept late so only got in a 27 miler.  Did I think I was going to take to my bike again??  no.  My i-pod worked again so off I went.  Solo bike rides  can get boring "for me" so I like music.  I never ride with anyone else.  Never have.  The streets I go on are very traffic free, and pretty bike friendly, so I don't think it is unsafe.  Others may.  To each their own.

Ha!!  My philosophy right there.  To each their own.  That is how I live.  Remember I was a manager and stepped down after my first Hawaii trip.  I didn't particularly think I was very healthy, compared to all the healthy people in Hawaii.  I was 217 lbs. at my peak, and that summer got down to 174.  Staionary bike.  I really didn't think I was a good manager, partly due to my philosophy.  I was not a boss.  I am a doer.  I don't know anyone's life, and what anyone goes through.  If people don't really want to work hard, I'd be frustrated, but who knows anyone's path??  Surely not I.  Who knows what people struggle with??  Surely not I.  I lead by example, and if any follow more power to them.  I am not a Bobby Knight yeller.  Work hard Work hard, while it doesn't particularly look like he is working too hard.  How about that Notre Dame coach Charlie Weiss!!  Really??  You gonna tell me to run laps???  Nope not my style, I would never ask anyone to do something I would not be willing to do.  If they didn't feel like doing it, then fine by me I guess, I don't know what is in another person's mind.  Everyone's walk is different, and everyone's walk is personal.  Mine many of you know many parts, and some are still hidden, buried if you will, but struggling to come out.  It will, because that is what this life is all about.  So hope that makes sense.  I may have to re-read that, and EDIT!!  :)

Yesterday was Monday.  If you read this you know now my Mondays are important.  I run longish on Mondays.  18 on Saturday, and I followed with 9 on Monday.  I was tired and sluggish, but I didn't mind.  The most important thing I noticed was the legs were firing.  9:10 I think was the pace.  My pace seemed to pick up after the 40 minute mark.  After 1 hour, I stopped at a park to fill up with water.  No water.  :)  I sat on a swing for a bit, and some twirly doohickey.  No reason.  I was just thinking about my run.  Seeing how the legs felt, and chilling.  That ended up being probably a couple minutes is all.  Then I made it home.  When I run I look at my time at certain points when I notice a change.  Just in case it makes my blog.  :)  40 and an hour made it today.  :)

I had a weird thing happen on my bike ride which made me think.  There was a block party in Saugatuck, my halfway point.  The street looked to be blocked, so I changed my normal way of doing my loop.  I thought all is for good, and I kept looking to see what this reason may have been.  Nothing really came to mind, except just saw some people.  Seemingly nothing.  My eyes are pretty sharp though.  Oh, and I saw a Robin on my run yesterday with a worm in his mouth.  There is a story there, but perhaps another day.

WOW!!  One blogger is pretty amazing,  she keeps leading in her own very quiet way.  I won't name names, but she is philosophical.  Who knew??

O.K. I guess that is if for today!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love you all!!!  :)

gonna go edit that one paragraph now... maybe!!   :)

cya!!!  :)

for the record, no edit!!  :)

Lisa's brother got shit stinking drunk last night.  A full fifth of Brandy.  For the record, I never drank a fifth in my life.  He rarely drinks.  He was cracking us up last night.  I kept trying to have him go give Jackie a hug, but he kept trying to hug Lisa and I.  AGH!!!   kick to the gut!!!  :)  He was pretty funny.  He woke up for a bit now, I asked him how he felt.  He said pretty beat up.  :)  Gotta love life, especially the funny stuff!!

Now for real cya!! 

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