Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Track Of Shame

First off I cannot sleep anymore, so I thought I'd blog now.  Weird how I cannot sleep after track huh??  I think so too.  So, the track of shame.  I was thoroughly humbled by the track last night.  4-10:00's was the workout.  Sooo hard.  Here are my mile splits.  7:31, 7:45, 8:25, and 8:06.  Yes the last two I didn't even hit my marathon goal pace.  :)   Ugh, that is not good I don't think.  :)

I think most people didn't do too well as far as keeping the same mile splits.  The 6:30's fell to 7:00's after the first one.  Amanda my kinda running partner from last year ran real strong.  I don't think her last one was as fast as the other 3, but she looked strong.  The Man with Many First names looked strong too.  My friend Dan was real happy with his workout too.  His miles were faster than his first track workout, so that is good.   I cannot run in this crap.  My last 10:00 I stopped at the mile, because I felt something give, and I almost collapsed on the last 100.  I sweat soooo much, I am sure my whole system was whack!!  All I can say about that workout is it was hard.  Not cause I was running fast hard, but weather and conditions hard.  I mean I guess we all run better in colder temps., but I surely don't feel confident in my running now.  Keep the faith though right.  Temps gotta go down right??  SHEESH!!

A List:   :)

  • Laura Chihak accepted my friend request.  I think some of you read her blog post about her bro Rudy breaking 3 hours.  I am happy.  I wanted to tell her, but didn't.... shy and afraid.  :)
  • Nancy O'Toole started another blog.  That makes 2, I follow them both.  
  • Mrs. O'Toole (Mom) at one time thought I was creepy.  Not sure if she still does.  :)
  • I don't even know if Nancy O'Toole reads my blog.  Her posts are always pretty great!!  :)
  • I thought Jen Harrison's last post was really great.  Really asked tough questions about life and herself. 
  • I did that after college.  Like Lenin I asked what am I to do.  He asked what is to be done.  (chto detat)
  • My story isn't done!!  There is more.
  • I wait...
  • quid pro quo. 
  • I know why, I don't tell yet.
  • Some of my life is scary, I told Gina some.
  • You give me some, and I give you some.
  • I had another vision when I came home from the hospital.
  • It was a prophecy of this fall.
  • Katrina was in it.  That is all I give now.
  • I didn't tell Gina that yet, but I probably can.
  • I gave her some pretty heavy stuff, but she can handle a lot.
  • Sometimes twitterfeed doesn't work, so bookmark.  I update almost every day.
  • If I don't assume I overslept.  :)
  • I think that is it for today.  :)
Hope you all have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!  :)

Love You All!!!  :)

p.s. 4 mile warm up/ cool down.  9:00 pace.  Last 1.35 miles 10:00 pace.

p.p.s.  I ate a salad for dinner.  :)

cya all!!  :)

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