Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This May Be Long!! lol

From Memory--Is how this will go!!  :)

Lisa and I drive to Chicago on Saturday.  I did my long run prior, and nap, and laundry.  I still haven't logged the full distance.  It was 15'ish though.  Pace I am sure was probably 8:45'ish.  That is what it felt like, but I'll log it later, and know more. 

We get to my Uncles.  My Dad is busy with his friend Sue so I don't get to see him.  I hang with my Uncle, have a few beers. I wanted to hook up with Gina, so my wife could meet her.  I write on her wall almost every day, or text her this:  "Good Morning Sunshine!!  Hope You have a great day!!  Love You tonnnnssss!!!"  Something to that effect.  People probably get the wrong idea, but we are friends.  That is it.  Guys and girls  can be friends.  They can love each other too.  I wanted Gina to call in sick, but she couldn't.  We both work way too hard.  I never call in sick.  March of 1994 is when I started at Menards.  I had pneumonia once, and called in sick 3 days in a row.  Those were the only 3 days I missed.  So yeah, I am pretty healthy.  Long story short.  We had dinner, I went back and napped.  Gina worked til  11:30 central, which is 12:30 eastern.  Yeah, will I hook up??  Time doesn't look good.  She texted me at 11:30.  I was tired.  Should I answer???   hmmmm.  I did.  She lives like 2 minutes from my Uncle, so she drove over.  Lisa was too tired to meet her, so we sat outside and talked.  Mosquitoes were bad, so we went into her SUV, and talked.  I can tell her things I can tell no other.  All else will read about it here I believe as time goes on.  I was tired, and we decided to call it a night.  I hugged her a couple times, and kissed her on her neck.  That was that. 

The Miracle and Iowa

Lisa, my brother, niece Marilynn, and I drive to Iowa to meet and see family from my Mom's side.  Some know, I haven't seen my Mom probably since early 70's.  Don't know the reasons why really, and honestly it doesn't matter.  I have dealt with all those issues.  We had a bit of a miracle on the way there.  Our whole exhaust system started dragging.  We had to stop where there was one house.  Long story short we were in a bind.  I remembered the promise all will be for good from here on out.  So I was like welp, something good will come from this.  This house couldn't help us on the street.  No correct tools.  In his garage he had an acetylene torch.  Boom 5 minutes, and we are on the road.  I offered to give him $40 he didn't accept.  I shoved a $20 in his hand, and said take your kids and wife out for pizza tonight or something.  He took that.  When he finished up his job he had a smile on his face.  I have a feeling he knew he was being "kind unto strangers"  :)

We make it, and I meet Melanie, who both John and I said made this all possible.  Melanie made me want to meet the other side of the family.  Stephanie too to an extent.  Oh man are they all nice.   Holy Cow!!  :)

I give Melanie a big hug, and yeah we had a ton of fun together the whole night, until I fell asleep.  My trademark.  :)   I see Grandma Chihak.  93 year old lady who is STILL sharp as a tack, and she still lives by herself.  She has bright penetrating blue eyes.  There is a great picture of us two talking.  I see my Mom for the first time in like 37 years or something.  We hug.  Gina texted me what was that like??  I said like we were the best of buds, as it should be.  :)  My Mom has 87 sisters and 47 brothers.  The sisters and their kids are for the most part pretty fruitful in their multiplying so it seems.  :)  53 of the 47 brothers were priests so not too much on that side. 

I did not get to meet Rudy (2:47 Marathoner) or Laura.  That was too bad, because I wanted to meet them.  Laura and I have some patching up to do.  She is great, but we didn't see eye to eye on a thing prior.  I will get in contact again.  There is a sad thing about her Father... and Rudy's Father.  I don't know them well to be honest, but I think they still have to deal with the tragic loss of their Father.  That is my guess anyway.  I also wonder if them not showing up had to do with me being there.  I asked about that.  Anyway that side of the family is great.  We partied.  Melanie and I did a shot of Jager.  Woo Hoo!!  She is really a very fun person.  Maybe it is a good thing we don't see each other very often.  We might drink too much, and have too much fun, and laugh too much.  :)

So that was that.  I have a feeling it was a good thing for my Mom to see me, and also Grandma Chihak.  She got some information from me, which may help her let go of some buried anger from my Dad.  My Dad still loved Madonna even when they were getting divorced.  I never knew that, and she didn't either.  My Dad can be a handfull, and well that is hard. 

Anyway my Mom has lived an amazing traveling life.  Grandma Chihak, well what can you say about her.  A Matriarch if there ever was one.  The sisters are all great, and all the other people.  Like I said they are super nice. 

Long loud ride home.  I was sad passing the 53 exit off of 90, cause that is where Gina lives,  my bestest bud.  :) 

A great fun weekend, and I am on fucking vacation Woo freaking Hoo!!!

I have to run today, and boy is it freaking hot.  Our bodies acclimate to what we live in day in day out.  I am sure it is more humid than 62%, but that is the Midwest.  That is our summers.  Those who live in the Himalayas are good at Higher atlitudes.  Think Sherpa!!  :)

That is it for today!!  :)

Hope you have a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!  :)

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Beth said...

Sounds like a great trip Steve, especially seeing your family that you haven't for some time!!