Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wet One??

Today is a long run, and it is raining.  Think heavy shoes toward the end perhaps.  :)

I am going to do what I did yesterday, it was fun. 

I enjoyed my week of work.  I enjoyed doing something  very few people would enjoy.  In the area of world importance it is zero.  I sorted bins filled with screws and counted them.  I like sorting and organizing.  Too bad I rarely take my work home with me.  :)  Don't do too much of that at the house.  I think I would rather throw out 90% of the crap we have.  A damn near empty house would be right up my alley.  Oh and I have always enjoyed sorting bins.  I would do it in the Plumbing aisles 1000 years ago, when I was the Plumbing manager at the old store.  Pretty crazy huh?? 

Hailey is back for a couple days with her girly boyfriend.  Can't wait til they leave.  I actually told Lisa I don't want the dude staying here.  You cannot teach some 18 year olds anything, they know it all.  As a guy of 18 I don't think I knew it all, but I was on my own.  Figuring out the world.  I never pictured myself without a college degree.  Any thoughts without one scared me actually.  So I eventually finished college, as I grew up, and learned about myself.  I met many friends.  So I guess I should be patient.  You know who Hailey's boyfriend is to me??   A guy you work with.  Someone who you would never really even want to say hi to.  Well guess what??  I don't want him living here if, I don't even want to say hi to his type at work.  Right??  Hailey has no type of relation with any of her Fathers.  The real one, and me.  :)  That is her fault not ours... well perhaps both.  I tried, but I don't really do lazy you know.  Hailey admits she is lazy.  To not be lazy can be learned.  I bet she is learning that slowly.  Eventually you run out of stuff to do, and all it takes is one little success, and boom you realize you feel good about doing something.  I had lazy parts in my life. 

I cooked a meal for myself yesterday.  I cooked for no one but me.  Lisa was going to get pizza after she took a puppy we were dog sitting over to a friends.  I thought, I am making something for me.  I was going to make brats, but decided on barbecued chicken with a baked potato.  Potato was loaded with 614 oz. of butter, and 964 oz, of sour cream.  mmmmmmmmm!!!   Me Wikee!!!   :)

Blogger Amanda came over to pick up Hailey last night.  She is Hailey's only friend who is a FB friend of mine.  She never blogs, but I think she is a good person for Hailey to be friends with.  Actually I like Hailey's 3 best friends.  Amanda is going to college, and I think she will do good.  I am trying to get her a job at Menards.  You would think between me and Lisa we could get someone a job.  What do we have like 35 years experience??  I would recommend Amanda 10 times before Hailey right now.  Hailey has some growing up to do. 

Not really anything else.  I like just cooking meals for Lisa and I, or as last night worked out for me.  We have been cooking for Jackie too long.  I don't know how she ever managed to have us cook all her dinners.  SHEESH!!  That is done.  :)  We'll cook sometimes, but not always.  I wonder what she thinks about in her alone time.  She is filled with 90000 prescriptions.  She is laid up at an early age.  65.  I have a Grandma who is 93 who isn't laid up, and my Dad is mid 70's still plays handball spins I guess, and is active.  Women live longer than men don't they??  I have my guess why.  Hint:  answer is in yesterday's blog update.  :)

It stopped raining.  Looks like I might be able to get some miles before I run some miles.  :)  It is going to be a tough one today.  The girls are doing 16, not sure what the fast people have planned.  It won't be short though, I guarantee you that. 

Long run Saturdays.  I am excited now, but when I get home I bet I'll be like why???  why why why???? 

Ha ha!!  Now that is pretty funny to me.  :)

That is it for today!!!  :)

Hope everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!  :)

Love You All!!!   :)

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