Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Woah Nellie

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?? Me, I am doing good. I slept a lot last night. I woke up around 1:00 AM, and I thought I was up. I was planning my day. I have my speed work day. I got some stuff to do around the house. I figured that may be tough to do at like 3:00 AM. There actually is a lot I want to do today. More than I'll probably have time for. Anyway my eyes got heavy surprisingly,  and I slept til 6:30. That is pretty shocking.

Last night we went out for a nice dinner. It's been a while. We saw some people we knew. It was fun.

That was about it for yesterday. This update seems to be going down the I should just delete this update,  but I haven't been deleting.

So what else??  Have you seen people getting some kinda US medal for something or another?  Famous people. Most people consider that significant. Medals don't travel with you when you are dead. There are no lasting treasures you will receive in this place. You have a life. Your life is filled with days, and all people die. Even famous ones.

The World is silly like that. You look at the people with medals, and we all think neat. Heroes for us to look at. These people aren't perfect. Their deeds fall short just like yours. It doesn't even matter what kinda clothes they wear.

In the wilderness there is no glamor worth anything. It is just us with our lives.

I am cool with it. I am cool being in the wilderness too, cuz my heart is different than if this life was just me solo.

You cannot be like I am, and you cannot know how. My story cannot be seen with your eyes. My story was in private. I kinda know how you are. Your vision into life is short,  and the vision into you is not really all that good. In your World there are heroes I suspect.

This story is about you. You vs. You. No points come from how you think you stack up against others.

This life is hard, and this journey is not even remotely possible. You are helpless and you probably don't know it. Where you are now is not good enough.

How do you propose to go from point A to point B?  Especially as you stand now,  that isn't even possible.

Anyway, That is good for today.

Laterzzzzzz.   :)

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