Thursday, November 24, 2016

Why Not??

Decisions get made in weird ways. If I did my speed work really early yesterday, like 2:00 AM, there probably wouldn't be any rain. I slept later, and there was rain. I really didn't feel like running in 35° rain. Pretty much decided to do my speed work on Thursday. Then I thought turkey trot. I looked around, and found an 8K one just the town over. So I'll do that in a while. No clue my time.  It won't be very fast for me at all, but it will count as speed work so.

Other than that yesterday I had another day. Got everything done I wanted, which was a surprise. Days off are kinda nice for things like that. I went to bed early cuz I wanted to get up early,  but also I was annoyed. My wife has been working retail too much or something. Sometimes she gets kinda short,  which I don't deal with very well. I made a little mess and she blew up. Fine I was in the wrong,  but nothing to get crazy about.

I folded all her fucking laundry,  and did her a favor by running an errand for her like an hour before. I don't deal with Bullshit anger very well, so I went to bed.

I woke up today early. I'll take Hope. I am having a coffee, so hopefully I'll get all the poo out of me too before I run.

We are gonna have a turkey, and other stuff. I might rent a movie or two after my race if they are open. I don't think I wanna watch football. I really don't care who wins either game.

That is about it I guess. Not a lot to life is there?   Hearts cannot be controlled,  and I wonder what people feel inside. We are in the wilderness of life. Nothing really matters, and no matter what, we are just filling up time. It doesn't matter how important you *think* anything is.

There are no points in the wilderness, and everything is just folly really. Does that make you sad, mad,  scared??

I don't really know. You are not the best a person can be. Either am I. I know my path though. Your path is of this World. It leads to the grave. That matters. Does it to you?? 

None of your deeds matter. As important as you think your life is it hasn't been. Either has anything you've accomplished. You hurt people, and treated people unfairly. We all have. You judged people,  and you only judge yourself comparing to others.

In your personal journey you still haven't done anything. It is why we are in the wilderness of life. To help you. Even though it sucks.

Later all.  :)

xoxo.   :)

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