Saturday, November 12, 2016

Making Enemies. As One Does...

Just kidding. That title is such Bullshit, cuz it suggests what I do has any bearing on anything at all. Obviously I don't.

It doesn't matter really. People are out doing what people do. Mostly pretending their lives matter in some fashion. It is pretty weird standing where I do.  Life in the end equals death.

Where I stand now I battle people no different than me when I was just a young College grad. I was an imperfect person. I wanted to have fun. I didn't want to hurt people,  but I did.  I dealt with loss for the first time. 2nd if you count my dog Toby way back.

Life was a thing, but I didn't see anything out there.

Anyway I am over a couple decades removed from that person. I've been through the eye of the needle,  which opened up a lot. I still had a story though. You would think it was easy, but it was hard. There was a lot of fear, because condemnation was in my back pocket for much of it.

Here we stand now. You no different than I was 20 some odd years ago. Today you and I are not the same.  You cannot walk in my shoes in the least.

Your life goes on. It is very important is my guess,  but the truth of it all is our lives aren't. Just one among many who have done it.

One among many whose end will come. Many cling to the pageantry your Country has propped up,  but in the end your Country does not follow you. Your life is just you. Your deeds. You get no points for pretending to be the perfect Citizen.

All my labor here has seemingly done nothing, but I bet it has. How it can be kept hidden from my eyes I am not sure. It probably has to be, cuz words like steadfast,  perseverance, endurance, patience, and diligence are all part of the answer really.

I can't take you through the eye of the needle so all you can see is life like I did before the turn.

At that time life really wasn't all that great. I finally looked at the sum of all the things I can do. There wasn't much.
From where you stand now you have no points.  Your direction suggests that is where you'll end. I guess I am leading you out in the wilderness,  because there was one in the wilderness long ago.

His message wasn't Country,  labor, Citizenship,  whatever. His message was repentance. I realize now it was done in the wilderness, because that is where the World loses. There is no pageantry in the wilderness. The thoughts of men seem foolish here.

Anyways.  That is good for today.

Cya.  Stay angry, and keep hating.  :)  I'll try to too.   :)


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