Sunday, November 13, 2016

This Is Silly.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am fine. I stayed up later than normal,  but I am up early anyway.

No biggie. I feel fine, and I just gotta work today. Yesterday was just a normal day. What new?  I got a pretty good run in. I didn't quite make it to 80 minutes, cuz if I didn't start walking home at 76:34 I would have pooped my pants. I felt fine though,  and it is pretty crazy how you can flip the switch from running to running to get better. I don't even remember why that happened.

Anyway I worked,  and cooked a meal. I kinda like doing this thing this way.

Yesterday I thought was a pretty good update,  and today is pretty dumb so far.  :)

I really don't have anything, but I can tell you how I feel. I feel good. I am at peace with myself,  and life. I am free really cuz these days I owe no one anything. Just living my life,  and people really have no bearing on it really.

Whatever happens on any given day I still wake up the next, and pretty much don't care about the previous. I guess I am not too worried about the day coming up either, cuz it will be much like the one before it.

I've done this thing a while,  and now I pretty much am solo with it. I used to read some blogs,  but I don't think anyone does it too much anymore. Some here and there maybe, but I still plug along doing what I do. I am the only one who writes this, and quite frankly the only one who reads it too maybe. :)

That is fine too,  cuz it don't matter. My life goes on. Day after day. It's all good in my book.

People are probably a lot like me today. Got nothing to say.  :)

Welp, I gotta get ready for work.

Til next time.


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