Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Day Dreams Are Made Of.

Just kidding.  :)

How's it going?  Me, I am fine. Yesterday I got a run in. Runs are filled with stuff. Most of it not important, but I'll tell you about mine. I woke up really early, and I think maybe cuz I am running with purpose. Not sure though. I checked the weather, and it appears I had the best window for running. Higher winds, but probably less precipitation.

Driving to work I am not so sure. Winds were high all day, and the amount of precipitation I got seemed to be the most we got all day.

Anyway in my mind I had a 10 mile run mapped out even though it was only a 9 mile route. Really strange. My first 4 miles out were against a stiff wind. 25 MPH sustained. Gusts, who knows?   I remember thinking I was putting in a higher effort just to keep up a pace my legs wanted to run.  

I had to go a block down 66th to add to my run. 1 block = 1/2 mile out,  and eventually you add another 1/2 Mile coming back. There are several roads to choose.

Anyway for some reason I thought I was adding 2 miles,  but was only adding 1 mile. It took me about 10 minutes of math doing to figure out my mistake. I was like what in the world?   Why does this not add up,  and then I figured it out. There was always an opportunity to add. The run was challenging  though. I assume my 4 miles out. At mile 9 I had to poop though. So, decision made.  :) 

I brought toilet paper with me, cuz I know I probably would have to poop. Didn't think it would be at the end of my route.

So there. A lot of words about my run.

My runs are interesting to me,  so I write about it. 

Rest of the day was nap a bit. I was done ridiculously early with my run. I then worked,  watched football,  and cooked a meal. Then I slept.

Day done,  and today starts another. I am going in to work at 5:00 AM.
That's that.   :)

Have fun.  

Laterzzzzzz.  :)


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