Monday, November 21, 2016

My Mind Is Empty.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am doing good. Yesterday went okay. Another typical day. Not much to report. I worked, watched football,  ate dinner, stayed up later than normal, and slept.

My life isn't particularly interesting, but it's mine. I do as I choose, cuz I am able.

Nothing real significant happens in my day to day, cuz it is just life. One day I'll die, and that will probably be significant,  but I am not afraid of that day. It will happen, and I am cool with it.

Here in the wilderness there isn't much that is important. I can take or leave anything. Maybe in the wilderness I am selfish. People can do what people do, and I don't care.

Maybe I am both selfish and uncaring. I live my days pretty simply,  cuz there really isn't much to life. I am impressed by nothing, cuz in the wilderness nothing matters.

So there is life. I am cool with mine. There isn't anything to it. All the falseness of life is nowhere near me. Just living out my days.  It just so happens currently we are in the wilderness. I suspect the reason is so you can see the truth of life, cuz you've lived yours with the poison of false promises and stories.

This ain't no great thing we are doing here, and there are no points in Worldly accolades.

So I think I'll rest a whole before I get ready for work. 


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