Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program.

Talk about having a Monday. Sunday I went to bed early. I like to get my sleep. I slept good too for a few hours , and then I was up. Hour after hour. I had some broken sleep eventually,  but I stayed in bed til the last minute. I still was tired yesterday, and feeling every bit of Monday.

Last night I slept good,  and long. I have a coffee, so this will be a pretty good day. Other than that not much going on. I've been having weird dreams the last two nights. Nothing significant. Just weird.

I run 3 times per week. One of them I can do after two days off. I decided early yesterday to turn my Monday run into a Tuesday run. Mostly cuz my Saturday run accomplished what my Monday run is supposed to. A long run on tired legs. So I thought I better grab my extra day now. It also helps it is supposed to be like 56° today,  and yesterday was rainy and gross.

Another day in the life. Another day where I really am not accomplishing anything. Work,  eat, sleep. Today I'll do it with good rest.

I suppose that is about it. I really should delete this  cuz holy dumb and boring.

I haven't been doing that though.


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