Wednesday, November 9, 2016

That Is Surprising.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing good. I stayed up later than normal watching election results. Woke up pretty surprised.

What's it all mean??  Since I pay zero attention to the news and politics I don't know. I feel white males who run multiple Organizations bankrupt typically don't make good Presidents,  but we'll see.

Hillary had a lot of baggage. Can't believe how much hate was against her, so that will be one good thing. We won't have to hear about her, and how much she and that black man Fucked everything up.

So what will I do??  I am gonna do something epic. I'm gonna get involved in the news, study about politics. I'm gonna get involved in securing the next election.  :) 

Just kidding. I have a day of work, eat sleep planned. I should get a challenging run in, but I can wait til tomorrow since I stayed up last night. Although bringing my 1.25 mile repeats  back in my repertoire sounds like fun right now. I just may be too tired after work. We will see.

One thing I am hopeful for is not getting fined for not having Health Insurance. That would be sweet. The US is all Republican'ish so maybe that could be a thing.

My life goes on today. Whatever happens in the World is not my fault. I don't go out killing people. I don't cling to information that says that is okay.

The propaganda all Countries are made of have no bearing with me. My life is above what mostly male thought has passed down through Generations.

I've gone through all the complexities of life and can boil it down to work eat sleep.  If I can stay healthy maybe I can have a good running year ahead of me.

One day I'll die,  and I am cool with that. I don't know how yesterday changed the World,  I know it didn't change me.

It's life. One day ours will all end. If you can't see that,  then maybe it would be good to look. We all are headed down that path.

So, I'll remain happy,  cuz I've taken the right steps.

That is my update today.  :)

Have fun.  :)


xxoo.   :)

Laterzzzzzz.   :)

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