Saturday, November 26, 2016

Today Is Different.

So today I work for like maybe 5 hours, and then I have tomorrow off. I just had two days off too. Pretty sweet. I'll be pretty busy til Christmas, and some days off, and New Years, and some days off. After that there won't be many days off, but things will be slow til Spring.

Today will just be a run, work, and dinner. Pretty simple. Yesterday we just went out to supper. That also was pretty simple.

Other than that anything on my mind??  Nope,  not really. I feel I am in a pretty good mood. I don't have a terribly long-run planned today, since it is a step down week. I'll miss the MI game, but that's fine. It is just sportsing. No predictions about that game. Both teams can look good,  and both average. OSU is at home so maybe the edge to them.

More importantly what to make for dinner. I can always go with Lasagna. You can never go wrong there. I have plenty of stuff for meals the rest of the week.

I think tomorrow I'll do another round of leaves. They still haven't done the 2nd round of pick ups by our house,  so that is lucky. That is my weekend planned.

As to other people  I really don't know them. We are just living this life. A lot of questions about life if you think about it. In my story during a time of being pulled I went a different direction. What I learned along the way is everyone and everything is wrong. There is safety in following the multitudes. Many have done it. There isn't much safety going solo really, cuz it is just you. Yeah people get tied up in life.  That is normal. It doesn't mean you still don't have to find your way. Why is life so hard, and the answers so difficult?   I don't know. They are though. There is security in clinging to the World,  but it doesn't last.

From where we are now to where we have to go, I have no idea how that will happen. Seems pretty impossible at this late stage.

There will be more holidays in the future, and more pictures. None really have changed any really. None surely have gotten any better.

Anyway I jot some things down cuz that is what I do.

I have a run to do, and work. Then I have a dinner to make.

Cya later.   :)

xoxo.  :)

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