Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's Gotta Mean Something Right?

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am fine. Yesterday was another day really. On Mondays I typically like to get a solid run in following a long run Saturday. All that is relative as my long runs now aren't long, but you gotta start somewhere. I went for 52 minutes. My plan was 45 minutes, but I only have a 40 minute route. I didn't want to add to that,  so I did another route. It ended up being longer than 45 minutes. 

If it was March I'd probably run today, but it is November so I won't.

That is about it as far as my day went. Day here, and day gone. I will take Hope for a walk this morning.

Anyway our lives are going on. Day after day after day. You end up kinda getting stuck in your life. You can't just up and leave your current life in search of another. So, I hope it's a good one. It isn't perfect I know, and no matter what you are surrounded by people who aren't perfect. You aren't either. There is nothing in your power to change that either.

So we seek out shit that means something. A way to elevate ourselves, but you aren't. You are still born in an imperfect vessel. Tied to this World that is for what??

In a World you want to show people you made the right life. You nailed life,  and you are the top of the top. Second to none so to speak,  we all just are not that great.

You wanna be the hardest worker. The smartest person. Whatever, you still can't overcome the shortcomings we all are born with.

In a World where we want to show everyone how great we are, we aren't.

Somethings gotta mean something right??

The answer will surprise you. If you were looking at your last moments of being alive you'll realize your existence was pretty sad, cuz your days are coming to an end.

I've traveled many many miles in my journey. Many of them hard. It's good to know where people stand, and what life is about.

Guess I'll take Hope now.

Cya maybe tomorrow.

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