Thursday, July 9, 2015

Some Things I Don't Remember.

Hello, and good morning.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing good. I had another day yesterday, and really it was much like some other ones before it. Bike, work, hang out, eat, sleep.

Like I said before my Dad stopped by so we just sat outside and talked, and had a few drinks til Lisa hit home, and then we had dinner. Once again I was at a good spot and did not need any more drinks. I think there is a point in time where the drinking should end. It seems my body has an internal clock and just feels like stopping at the right time. It knows the point of diminishing returns so to say.

Anyway my Dad got old over the last couple of years. He still plays handball, and still works, but he doesn't seem to move as good as he once did. Talking to him you realize like me there isn't much to his life. Just years that have gone by.

I made a step a long time ago that changed my life. Led me in another direction, and it made me strong enough to be solo. It is what I don't remember. You people have families, and people read your shit, so you have to be somewhat politically correct.

My path led me on a solo path where my life is all me. There was no one to help me in my trials, and I owe no one anything. I am not hung up with the Worldly burdens you may have. That part of my life is over.

So if there are rules of how one is supposed to act about family and whatever they don't apply to me, because the real truth is way different than the best things men and women can think up. I am led by better things than what people may deem the "correct" thing to do or way to act. The rules of your heart mean nothing.  My heart is in different hands. It is backed with a blessing for strength, and it is made better with all that is true about our lives.

The fact is our lives don't matter, and I think Julia gets it better than anyone. She can do IMs til whenever, but she knows that will never totally fulfill her. Her heart yearns for something more of life, and it is exactly this I am pulling you toward. A good and fulfilled life with a content heart. It isn't exactly what you think it is. That is just cuz the World always pulls too, and the World teaches you wrong stuff.

The path of you is a life of empty years. The other path is a path of strength, acceptance, being content, and having no use for chasing wind.

So anyway. It was a good day. One thing I don't get is I used to be able to eat a lot. I only ate half my cheeseburger yesterday. I find that strange.

Oh well

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p.s.  Gonna take the Hopester. It is errand day so driving to work.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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