Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Early To Bed and Early To Rise...

That is the way I play it. Once again, I am up, I am done sleeping, and have absolutely nothing to blog about.

I guess I can tell you some things I was thinking about yesterday. I was thinking how free I was. It isn't a stupid propaganda free like "freedom isn't free" or other stupid shit like that. It is a different type of free. I don't have to do anything. I don't know if you remember. But "have to" is shit that makes us mad.

There isn't really anything I really need to do. Also I am content sitting at home doing nothing. In life I am missing out on nothing, because my heart is content. We need to live so we have to work, and actually I like working. Your down time is the reward for the work we do.

There are many differences between you and I and #1 is I need nothing out of life. My life has been lived.  I've done what was asked, and I have been given a content heart. That also is the reward for my other labor I've done.

So yeah, it is good to be me. It is good I've taken the steps I've made, and have done the things I've done.

Another difference between you and me is I know a lot of the flaws of the heart. I kinda know how it operates. And you have absolutely no idea about mine. You cannot comprehend. Because mine is different than it would have been if I still was on the path of me. Mine was changed. It isn't perfect, cuz that won't happen til later, but it is better than it would have been. It serves a purpose too. It helps lead people to the truth.

That is pretty much it.


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