Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Life Is Always Near...

Life is so near, but still very far away. It appears our hearts blind us from life. We are all so busy doing day to day shit, and you add year over year of day to day shit, and it wraps a web around our heart.

Our hearts get hard, because it gets no oxygen. We end up being blind, because this is how the World controls us. It is the way of the World, and none escape it.

Why? ?

From what I learned is important shit was done, but we don't understand, because our minds are way too weak. It says do not trust in your own understanding, but how can a human not think he is the master if the Universe??

Our hearts are wrong, and there was never ever any other way that was going to come out.

So there is a whole story being told.  I know it doesn't fall on deaf ears, but the story goes against all we believe. We believe we are right. We believe we are good.

We believe all kindsa things, but the story is all about forgiveness. It isn't a story about how great we are, but just coming to terms with us. Our life, and the things that make us imperfect.

Having our hearts webbed up as they are by life it takes help to unwrap it, and clean it out.

All this shit is invisible to the eye, and that is the way it works.

Not all things were invisible to me, cuz I saw real stuff. I walked with the Glory of God in me for a couple hours before. Saw the World as he did, and you realize nothing is hidden. I had the Worst of the worst in me for 6 days doing what he does best. Judge, and persecute.

I lived in complete terror before, but it helped build trust.

There is a way to a better us, and it is worth everything. It is a blind step, and one I didn't think was so hard. If the wait is years in the making, well that is just crazy.

Kinda funny too if you think about it. It is just the truth. That is all. Why is that so scary??

Are you afraid if you???  Afraid of what you will see??

So we go out and try to conquer the World, cuz we are too afraid to see what is inside us that conquers us??  Now that is dumb.

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