Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Funday...

Good morning.

Holy cow, I don't think I feel like doing this. I almost shut it down.  I wonder why that is. Anyway Monday is kinda a funday, cuz it is a pretty easy day of work. Tuesday isn't horrible either and the last 3 days are pretty busy ones. It is the busy season though so in 6-8 weeks everything chills out a bit. I think it was Mitch who was saying there is a 1/2 hour of driving distance between Saugatuck, Holland, and Grand Haven where there is just a ton of stuff to do. I must be living in the wrong area, cuz I don't like hanging out at the beach. I don't have a boat, and really these days I am happy to stay at home. The best you can get from me is a movie, and go out to eat.

I guess you can say where did it all go wrong, but actually it all went right. People like to have fun, and do fun things, and on any given day I can do as I wish. If just so happens I typically dont wish to do much. I don't need to climb Everest to make a name for myself, cuz I already have a name. I don't have to prove anything to anyone, cuz I am accepted. I am accepted, because I was led through my trials, and remained faithful. I was obedient, as I was taught how IMPORTANT that was. I wasn't perfect, because I was so dumb going through my things.

I think the biggest thing about me is I thought I was special for a long time. It took a lot for me to learn my place. Really what I learned is I deserve nothing. It isn't in my power to save myself at all. I mean at ALL.

So I swim against the current. Trying to tell people the truth is a horrible job, because people want to believe everything but. People are not perfect so you gotta throw all the fairy tales out. Perfect marriages, perfect nuclear families, all that crap out. It isn't real.

What is real is you are in this horrible place.  People do horrible things, heck we do horrible things. Everybody grows up with some kind of bullshit inside, because just like our lives we were never perfect. Trying to tell people NO, you are not good enough is like impossible.

How do you even think you are??  That is what I'd like to know. There is a lot available to help make you a better person, but it isn't in your power. We think we are so strong, but it is our arrogance that keeps us away.

People are not impressive at all from where I stand, and that is cause I know me, and how pathetic I was compared to how good I can be. Right now you are nowhere. You are how you have always been, and as you get older that ends up just being worse.

And to think we think we are all that...


All right I am out.


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