Saturday, July 18, 2015

Coffee Day...

I slept all the way through to 6;00 am. Also today I am going to have a cup of coffee. First one in a couple weeks I think. I don't think coffee is bad, I just typically wake up with a lot of energy, and coffee isn't going to improve it so why bother. The energy I feel is kinda a nutty thing. I could tell you how I have it, but that is a secret. A nutty secret between me and one other. I learned a lot of nutty things that bad summer, and the Spiritual World is a crazy place. You can throw all the laws of the Universe out there, because in the Spiritual World everything is possible. You have no idea of these things though.

You live in the real World where humans are heroes, flags are idols. Things written on pieces of paper are worth more than our soul.

The World is a horrible place, and people grow up messed up, because they were raised on bad leaven. If someone were to come. And teach them the truth they wouldn't believe. If someone were to come, and say there are no heroes they wouldn't believe it. To try to take the World and all it's flawed teaching out of people is impossible.

1.  It is impossible

2.  It takes a choice

3. People are too afraid so they stick with what they know to their own demise.

The thing about it is you have the mirror. It should be telling you that you are not the fairest in the land, and I would think you might want to find the way to a better you.

Or, maybe you just don't give a shit. In that case, have at it. I do not waste time on worthless causes.

I have a job to do, and if you don't want to do yours fine by me.



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